First you need to understand what a woman he is not ready to lose. This ideal is for everybody, do not look for it in glossy magazines or women's sites. Look carefully to his mom, ask a man what he expects from the perfect girl. Someone expects understanding or faith in his success, someone requires a perfect figure, some want a woman was a good host and interesting conversationalist. Learn the details of the ideal, and begin to follow it. But it is important not to lose your identity, not to become the person you really are.
Don't be Intrusive. Do not try to control, be near, but not limit it. It annoying attention gives men the impression that you really need, what you can't live without him. As soon as the thought appeared, it is sure that you are not going anywhere, his fear of losing evaporates. Independence is important, and should every woman own space, passion and individual work.
Take care of yourself, take care of body, hair. Pick up beautiful things for your wardrobe, pay attention to the shoes. Many women, entering the Union become less vivid and expressive, and this is a mistake. He has fallen in love with this lady, and was ready to win her heart, therefore, conform to that created. It also allows him to see that you pay attention that you are interesting to other men. Of course, you do not need to make him jealous, not to provoke scandals, but even casual glances of strangers allows him to understand that you are popular, so you can leave.
Increase your self-esteem, learn to be better. Today there are courses for women which help to reveal the inner potential. You can start virtuoso to cook, to dance, to make love. It is possible to increase the femininity, to reveal sensuality. It will make you even more attractive, and most importantly, more perfect. Man see your desire to become better, and he just did not want to lose a woman. He will be looking forward to new reforms and will make all for the beloved.
Don't be boring and predictable. Routine it ruins relationships, worsens their quality. Try to change yourself, make rearrangements at home, do something unexpected. Eastern wisdom says that every 40 days you need to change the setting, food, location or relationship. Try to follow this rule, and will always be desired and loved, and the man will be afraid of you to lose.