What most are afraid of grown men? Of course, being left for someone else. So, if you want to make your boyfriend a little bitnervous, start to ignore his calls, draw strong employment and stop pestering him with questions like:- where have you been; why hadn't called;- how was work today, etc. do Not show interest in his Affairs. Sooner or later the man will notice your behavior and begin to ask counter-questions.
Change yourself. Buy new sexy lingerie, clothes, bag, shoes, make a fashionable haircut, etc. of Course, your transformation will not remain without attention. Here again, everything will depend solely on your behavior. Do not focus man's attention on himself openly, "in a forehead". Let him guess, breaking their heads over those for whom you started it all. After all, the first thought that will arise from your choice will be that women won't throw money away just like that.
Ask your husband or a good friend of his girlfriend sometime give you a ride. When explaining to your boyfriend casually mention that you did not come by taxi. Everything else, of course, is not worth telling. Let your boyfriend come up with the ending of this tale himself.
The only way to get a guy to be nervous – the mysterious sms or calls from a secret admirer. Again, you can ask for help from a friend. By the way, to send sms even your best friend. Play in front of his guy role as if they were messages or calls to catch you off guard. Pick up, speak the standard phrase (the"Call back later. Busy" or "I can't communicate") or just drop the call. Depending on the temperament of your men, it can reach the boiling point, either immediately or after a few such calls.
In order to know the true attitude of your guy, try this radical remedy: tell him she's pregnant. Depending on how he reacts, you will be clear how things should behave. If your significant other prefer to be destroyed you better. But if in response you hear a love confession, take this man for Khimki and drive it straight to the Registrar.