Understand what jealousy is. Jealousy does not mean love. When a person is tormented by jealousy, so he is afraid: afraid of being abandoned, alone, unhappy. Feeling sorry for yourself, you seek to control the chosen one, giving him all sorts of checks, traps. This leads to the fact that the family frequent scandals, and life together becomes unbearable.
Understand yourself. Jealousy without reason is a sign of low self-esteem. You should consult a psychologist who will teach you to analyze the cause for jealousy, in order to make the thought of loss and separation is a fact of life processes.Putting the husband in the center of life, you devalue yourself and your capabilities. Be more independent from my feelings.
Find out whether the jealousy is the result of your violent fantasies. Often, a woman winds themselves different situations that provoke unjustified jealousy. This is especially true of those representatives of the fair sex, who spend a lot of time at home. The best way to get rid of suspicions in this case - occupy yourself likes. Let it be network marketing or cultivation of potted violets, most importantly, to have pleased you and took your free time.
Learn to trust her husband. Family relationships are built on trust. Daily scandals of infidelity may offend the beloved, and push away from you. Much easier to tell the husband that you are jealous of him and ask did he give you reasons for this.
Please note women, to which you have flashes of jealousy. They are better than you and more attractive? Think about your strengths, not less. You are worse than others, and if a man chose a wife just for you, then to him you are the best. Love yourself. Self-esteem get rid of excessive jealousy.
Will re-evaluate your feelings for her husband. Love is not a desire to bind the elect to himself in all ways, and the desire to be happy in all circumstances. When you consciously accept this fact, you will be easier to cope with outbreaks of jealousy.
Do not succumb to jealousy. Jealous you are going on about their emotions. Learn to relax and control your feelings. Starting to be jealous, sit down and calm down. Breathe deeply for a few minutes and try not to think about the situation. After that, a sober assessment of whether there is a need to be jealous.
Try not to show my husband that you are jealous of him. Confident women are rarely jealous men, while not losing their interest. Don't torture him with their causeless jealousy, every man must be his own personal life. If you seek to merge with the beloved, to anything good it will not. He just will not be interested with you.
Remember that relationships built on love, loyalty and trust, there is no place of jealousy.