Sincerely and have a serious talk with a man in order to reach an understanding. Don't gloss over the issue – on the contrary, expand it, and explain to the man that he had no cause for jealousy, and that you love it.
Raise the man's self-esteem, let him know that you think he's the best, most capable and most powerful. Often praise her husband, cheer for him, tell him compliments. Avoid mentioning about her fellow men and never compare her husband with other men.
It is not necessary in his presence to admire someone else's husband, even if you don't mean that rapture is nothing serious. Husband should know that you consider him the best, and no other man can compete with him.
Excessive jealousy can cause the breakup, so if you notice that the husband is jealous, try to spend more time with him to come home early from work, not to stay for lunch with colleagues and employees. All the men doubt should be dispelled by spending time with him, cook him delicious food, be interested in his Hobbies and tell about how was your day.
Try not to hide from her husband the only way he will understand that your life is not anyone but him, and he is your only choice. Jealousy should not be underestimated – she always has reasons, objective or subjective, and they need to be able to cope.