You will need
  • Hobby
  • Love for yourself
  • Patience
  • Nerves of steel
To stop being too jealous of the guy, you have to accept the fact that in small doses it's actually healthy feeling. Possessiveness is a natural trait of every human being. Healthy jealousy is just a reminder of how you love people, you love it. However, when jealousy makes you feel miserable, and when it poisons your love – it's time to think about how to overcome it in yourself.
Calmly discuss with your boyfriend reasons to be jealous. But do not jump on it with these conversations at the slightest excuse. If something made you feel uncomfortable and to experience a really unpleasant emotions, quietly share these sensations with a man. Tell us which of his actions (or the actions of others) upset you. But be delicate, let him feel how dear to you.
Constantly work on the trust to cease to be jealous of the guy, especially if he never cheated. Do not follow your man at work or during meetings with friends. Accept the fact that in his life there are always women (at work, in public transport, in the end) and some of it can greatly like. Do not attempt to read his e-mails and correspondence in social networks – this behavior indicates a lack of respect. In the end, individual messages, which you read out of context can easily mislead you.
Do not try to occupy his living space: the constant texts, emails and calls can make him feel tired from your presence.
To stop being jealous for any reason, try to ask opinions from. If you think your boyfriend is behaving suspiciously – consult with friends. They might have your suspicions seem unfounded and you will understand that you were worried for nothing.
To get rid of jealousy will help independence. Get yourself a hobby, new friends, Hobbies. A new activity will help to fill your life and rid you of empty of jealousy.