To tattoo pleasing beauty for many years, you need to wait some time before drinking alcohol.

How many days you can't take alcohol

Depending on the complexity of the tattoo and healing time of the wound, the restriction can range from 24 hours to three weeks. It is especially dangerous to drink the first day. The wound heals in different ways in different people. Also, in some cases it can hurt.

Before making a tattoo, need to think about it. If you get tired of this piece of art, to get rid of it will be difficult and painful. But if you do decide to make a tattoo, keep in mind that this is equivalent to surgical intervention. Therefore, the skin needs time to heal, and there are a number of contraindications.

Why after applying a tattoo can't drink alcohol

While the tattoo heals, you can't drink alcohol.

The human body reacts to alcohol like a poison. The immune system tries to get rid of this poison, and as a result, the wound heals much longer. Moreover, the chance of infection becomes greater.
Even if you don't drink alcohol after a tattoo, the likelihood of wound infection is rather high.

Alcohol accelerates the movement of blood in the blood vessels and to the skin receives more blood. As a result, the wound bleeds longer, slower healing. Alcohol thins the blood, which also slows the healing of wounds. If the wound heal for a long time, then chances of occurrence of scars.
You may want to numb the pain incurred from tattooing, drinking from the glasses. But limit your alcohol intake.

Another reason why it is not recommended to drink alcohol after applying the tattoo. It's leaching of the ink along with the blood from the wound. The more you drink alcohol, the more ink will be washed from the wound. In the end there will be about 50% of the color that you originally wanted. The tattoo will be much brighter, and to return the desired color, you will have to refer back to the master. Tattoo is not cheap, and you will again have to spend a considerable amount.

What to should and shouldn't do after tattooing

Instead of having to resort to alcohol as pain killer means, it is better to pay attention to proper wound care.

In the first few days after tattooing, the wound should be moistened. The wizard will advise you to apply a special ointment after removing the bandages. A couple of weeks, you can switch to the body cream or lotion.

You can take a shower, but swimming and bathing in the bathroom to expose the skin long exposed to water for two weeks is impossible.