Advice 1: How long not to drink after tattooing

Application on the skin the tattoo is, I think, a good reason to celebrate. But drinking alcohol can turn a beautiful piece of art on the skin in a threat to health. Alcohol is not recommended to take a few days before applying the tattoo, as well as after surgery.
A tattoo is for life
To tattoo pleasing beauty for many years, you need to wait some time before drinking alcohol.

How many days you can't take alcohol

Depending on the complexity of the tattoo and healing time of the wound, the restriction can range from 24 hours to three weeks. It is especially dangerous to drink the first day. The wound heals in different ways in different people. Also, in some cases it can hurt.

Before making a tattoo, need to think about it. If you get tired of this piece of art, to get rid of it will be difficult and painful. But if you do decide to make a tattoo, keep in mind that this is equivalent to surgical intervention. Therefore, the skin needs time to heal, and there are a number of contraindications.

Why after applying a tattoo can't drink alcohol

While the tattoo heals, you can't drink alcohol.

The human body reacts to alcohol like a poison. The immune system tries to get rid of this poison, and as a result, the wound heals much longer. Moreover, the chance of infection becomes greater.
Even if you don't drink alcohol after a tattoo, the likelihood of wound infection is rather high.

Alcohol accelerates the movement of blood in the blood vessels and to the skin receives more blood. As a result, the wound bleeds longer, slower healing. Alcohol thins the blood, which also slows the healing of wounds. If the wound heal for a long time, then chances of occurrence of scars.
You may want to numb the pain incurred from tattooing, drinking from the glasses. But limit your alcohol intake.

Another reason why it is not recommended to drink alcohol after applying the tattoo. It's leaching of the ink along with the blood from the wound. The more you drink alcohol, the more ink will be washed from the wound. In the end there will be about 50% of the color that you originally wanted. The tattoo will be much brighter, and to return the desired color, you will have to refer back to the master. Tattoo is not cheap, and you will again have to spend a considerable amount.

What to should and shouldn't do after tattooing

Instead of having to resort to alcohol as pain killer means, it is better to pay attention to proper wound care.

In the first few days after tattooing, the wound should be moistened. The wizard will advise you to apply a special ointment after removing the bandages. A couple of weeks, you can switch to the body cream or lotion.

You can take a shower, but swimming and bathing in the bathroom to expose the skin long exposed to water for two weeks is impossible.

Advice 2: How dangerous tattoo

Tattoos are very popular because they allow people to make their image more vivid, to emphasize the individuality and even tell others about your worldview or character traits. However, unfortunately, such a decoration can not be called good for the body.
How dangerous tattoo

Why are tattoos bad for health

The greatest risk associated with tattooing is a high risk of Contracting diseases transmitted through blood. The more tattoo on the body and the larger the figures, the higher the risk of hepatitis C and HIV. The problem is so serious that most blood banks even in need of donors not allowed to donate blood to people, making a tattoo less than a year ago.
According to research, Staphylococcus aureus is most often found in people who do a lot of tattoos. This is very dangerous, because such bacteria is resistant even to strong medications.

The main problem stems from the fact that masters often do not use properly sterilized equipment. This means that they, unwittingly, can infect a person with a serious illness to get rid of that would be very difficult or even impossible. To reduce the risk of such problems is possible, if you carefully choose the salon and pay attention to the professionalism of the staff and the availability of sterile needles, individual cans of paint for each tattoo, disposable gloves and other necessary equipment.

Despite the fact that now inventing a variety of paint options for tattoos that need to be harmless, yet no such agent has been formally approved by the doctors. Doctors say that the paint for the tattoo can be toxic. Through the blood it gets into the internal organs, disrupting their work and causing the development of serious diseases. More drawings on the body, the higher the risk of ill health.

Dangerous temporary tattoos

People who don't want to spend my whole life with the tattoo, choose temporary tattoos. They remain on the skin an average of 3 days to a few weeks. Widespread stereotype is that these tattoos are not dangerous, but it's not. The most common problem faced by people who choose this option of decorating the body, is associated with allergic reaction. This problem can occur when using all types of paint.
Unfortunately, an allergic reaction remains even after the tattoo itself disappears. To cope with the problem often even experienced doctors.

Dermatologists often see patients who faced problems after applying a temporary tattoo. We are talking about redness, blisters and spots. In more serious cases, impaired pigmentation of the skin, the human body becomes too sensitive to sunlight. Alas, sometimes people have a long time to regret your desire to make conversion even a temporary tattoo.

Advice 3: How much it costs to get a tattoo

The question of cost future of tattoo care everyone who dared to portray something on the body. The price of the pictures will depend on many parameters, and it is better to know what not to ask too many questions master.
How much it costs to get a tattoo

What affects the cost of tattoos

First, the price effect will be the tattoo in color or black and white. Depend on the quantity of spent paint and the overall complexity of the work. If you are contemplating a large and colorful figure in the whole of the back with various hues, it is important to understand that it will always be more expensive than the same picture in black and white.

Secondly, a strong influence on the cost of having the future site of the tattoo. Here the important parameter is the number of folds in the skin, its elasticity, the proximity of the bones. The easiest way to do the tattoos on his arms, chest.

Thirdly, the cost depends greatly on who and where will do you a tattoo. A man can be a great specialist, has done for 1000 tattoos at various places with great equipment. But it could be a beginner who will probably make the picture crooked. To solve certainly to you, but to strive for savings in this matter is impossible.

Fourth, the influence upon the price of the finished sketch. Otherwise you will have to describe to the master what you want. He, in turn, first you need to draw a rough image that you approve of or not.

Information about the work of tattoo artist

Because of this the number of components of the cost of tattoo artist came to the formation of the final prices on the basis of the time spent to result. On average, one hour of time is estimated at 1000. But there are tattoos that are done in 30 minutes to an hour. For this, it was decided to use the minimum cost of a tattoo. It usually ranges from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

No need to worry that a tattoo artist specially is stalling for time, basically all they are the owners of their salons and as such they have no plan. That is, they work and pleasure, too, if they see that spent more time than you need, and the price tag turns into a round figure, you will most likely get a discount.

No need to rush the wizard to finish faster. He himself will not do and it can affect your health, because the skin is very delicate. And if you say that you have to wait until it is healed. On skin that it is impossible to work, and the consequences can be very dire.

Some people are very sensitive to this pain, because painkillers can be used. Of course, you should not be allergies or other intolerance. All this should be prescribed in the contract to avoid any unpleasant consequences. Its the responsibility of both parties to the process.

Advice 4: How to prepare for the application of a tattoo

Some people, deciding to put on your body any kind tattoo experience discomfort and confusion. And rightly so! Applying a tattoo on body is a procedure that requires a certain influence on the body, and hence appropriate training.
Preparation for application of a tattoo on body is a critical process.

What you need to know before you apply the tattoo?

Firstly, tattoo is better to fill in a professional tattoo parlor. Second, before procedure it is necessary to take care of the drafting agreement pursuant to which salon providing such service shall use only disposable equipment and guarantees its customers full safety. Third, some professionals work at home, so trust a master is possible only if there is confidence in his professionalism and reputation.

Preparation for application of a tattoo

Preparing the stuffing. When stuffed, the tattoo, the pigments are implanted in the deep layers of the epidermis (upper skin layer). That is why the skin must be properly prepared. It should not be something dirty, to have any scratches and other temporary imperfections. In addition, the surface of the skin in the place where it will be engraved the tattoo, you need to remove the entire hair, after applying a tattoo involves a certain risk of injury.

General training of an organism. It is not recommended to fill the tattoo when the client is sick, feels bad, has fever and is experiencing high or low blood pressure. It is extremely prohibited to do the tattoo in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, and the next day after him! Not recommended in this day to drink coffee and other energy drinks.

Women wishing to get a tattoo, it must be remembered that during menstruation the processes responsible for the circulation and coagulation of blood change. It is therefore not recommended to fill a tattoo during this period.

Two weeks prior to the application of tattoos you need to abandon the Solarium, sunbathing. By the way, in the first month after applying the tattoos don't need to expose it to UV radiation. In addition, the day before the tattooing you need to sleep well and, if possible, not to take any medicines.

Moral preparation. Some experts advise their clients to come to them on the day of tattooing) in good spirits. It and is clear: some nervousness may prevent the master to professionally perform their job. Dealing with nerves can be important to remember that the pain during the procedure is minimal and hardly noticeable.

In any case, the day of the packing of the tattoo you need to throw away all the negativity to the side and forget about their problems. Psychologists even say that a good selection of specialist and sketch for tattoo can transform the procedure of its application to the body in a great therapy session.

Advice 5: All about tattoos: how long to heal

The desire to decorate my body leads a person to the tattoo parlor. This industry is rapidly evolving, with new technology of printing images. The desire to decorate themselves with tattoo covers even the fear of pain.
Proper care of the tattoo to speed up her healing

Where to get a tattoo

Tattooing should be in a specialist salon by a skilled master who knows a lot about the business, will be able to meet any customer requirements. In addition to professionalism, the success will depend on compliance with the basic rules that will help keep the tattoo for many years. Tattoo requires proper care, otherwise it may become darker, lose precise contours begin to blur.

The healing process

Healed tattoo from 1 to 2 weeks. This period is individual for everyone and will depend on the proper care of damaged skin at the place of drawing. The entire period of wound healing is necessary to ensure that the damaged area of the skin does not dry up, and it formed a crust and cracks. Otherwise, the crust may fall off with the paint, and tattoos lose their appeal, sometimes will not, and will require additional work on it.

How to treat the wound

After the master struck the image on the body, he rubs the skin surface with an antibacterial agent and leaves the compress in the form of a film. It prevents infection in the wound and promotes rapid healing. A compress applied once in the cabin and removed after 3-4 hours. To make lotions, to roll up the tattoo in the subsequent impossible.

The wound on the spot tattoo healed quickly and without consequences, it is necessary to monitor her day and night. When drawing on the skin is touched on the top layer. From the wound from time to time derived from the lymph, which forms a crust. This point needs not to lose and to flush the lymph promptly with warm water and use antibacterial soap. After washing the wound it should get wet, dry cloth and apply the ointment "Bepanten". This tool is well suited for rapid regeneration of skin cells, prevents the removal of pigment. To do tattoos the best in their free time, to be able to stay at least three days at home and properly care for a new tattoo.

To damaged skin from drying, it needs to be constantly lubricated with ointment. It is forbidden to wet the tattoo and RUB with a washcloth. In the early days it may seem that the image is dim, but it's all fixable. Over time, the figure will be as they were conceived. The tattoo can be covered with a thin film, which then loosens as wound healing.

The first few weeks should abandon tight-fitting clothes that will hurt and put pressure on the tattoo. Preference is better to give a spacious clothes from natural fabrics.
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