Where to get a tattoo

Tattooing should be in a specialist salon by a skilled master who knows a lot about the business, will be able to meet any customer requirements. In addition to professionalism, the success will depend on compliance with the basic rules that will help keep the tattoo for many years. Tattoo requires proper care, otherwise it may become darker, lose precise contours begin to blur.

The healing process

Healed tattoo from 1 to 2 weeks. This period is individual for everyone and will depend on the proper care of damaged skin at the place of drawing. The entire period of wound healing is necessary to ensure that the damaged area of the skin does not dry up, and it formed a crust and cracks. Otherwise, the crust may fall off with the paint, and tattoos lose their appeal, sometimes will not, and will require additional work on it.

How to treat the wound

After the master struck the image on the body, he rubs the skin surface with an antibacterial agent and leaves the compress in the form of a film. It prevents infection in the wound and promotes rapid healing. A compress applied once in the cabin and removed after 3-4 hours. To make lotions, to roll up the tattoo in the subsequent impossible.

The wound on the spot tattoo healed quickly and without consequences, it is necessary to monitor her day and night. When drawing on the skin is touched on the top layer. From the wound from time to time derived from the lymph, which forms a crust. This point needs not to lose and to flush the lymph promptly with warm water and use antibacterial soap. After washing the wound it should get wet, dry cloth and apply the ointment "Bepanten". This tool is well suited for rapid regeneration of skin cells, prevents the removal of pigment. To do tattoos the best in their free time, to be able to stay at least three days at home and properly care for a new tattoo.

To damaged skin from drying, it needs to be constantly lubricated with ointment. It is forbidden to wet the tattoo and RUB with a washcloth. In the early days it may seem that the image is dim, but it's all fixable. Over time, the figure will be as they were conceived. The tattoo can be covered with a thin film, which then loosens as wound healing.

The first few weeks should abandon tight-fitting clothes that will hurt and put pressure on the tattoo. Preference is better to give a spacious clothes from natural fabrics.