First you need to firmly decide for yourself whether you are ready all my life to pass with a picture on the body. If your tattoo is a imitation fashion or your favorite artists, it makes sense to make a temporary tattoo, for example from henna.
In any case, whether you choose temporary or permanent tattoo, you should carefully consider the picture. He needs you to come, reflect your personality, in the end, like. It is impossible to proceed from the principle "a picture made a friend, and I want one too". Maybe the drawing is symbolic, to remind you of some event or person, and maybe the tattoo will lay a good-luck, love or something else – in this case the tattoo will be for you not just a picture.
Once selected the picture, you need to consider where it will be located. It should fit to flatter your figure and hide flaws such as scars.
Now it's time to look for a tattoo artist. Take your time, learn several portfolios. You also need to pay attention to the cleanliness and sterility of the room where you will do the tattoo. Ask questions – it's your sacred right as a consumer. If something is confusing, you should look for another master.
But the wizard is selected. There comes the most important step is actually applying the tattoo. Prior to tattooing in no event it is impossible to take alcoholic drinks! Even for courage. However, the tattoo is not too painful. Most people with tattoo admitted that was expected during its application much more pain.
After the tattoo is made, it is necessary to begin to properly care. In order to avoid complications and deterioration of the appearance of the tattoo should be regularly gently rinse the tattoo and grease it with the ointment. In no event it is impossible to scratch or soak. In addition, we'll have to temporarily postpone the hikes in the Solarium or on the beach and in the sauna. However, the result is worth the restrictions.
Finally, a little warning to all those who came to put a tattoo. I'm sure everyone knows about the procedure of tattoo removal. It would seem that what is easier – got a tattoo, went out with him, stopped liking it. But all is not so simple. The fact is that with the help of modern removal methods get rid tattoo is completely impossible. Traces, however small, will always remind you of a failed tattoo.