Pregnant women often begin to crumble teeth, much hair to fall out and break nails. These phenomena is very easy to explain: for the development of the fetus requires calcium, and insufficient consumption of food the body begins to use internal resources. Calcium begins to leach from the bones, making them brittle, and the hair begins to fall heavily.
As a woman expecting a baby working up to 6-7 months of pregnancy, then sometimes it is not possible to organize the food. Often there is a reduced intake of curd and the rest milk products. Therefore, gynecologists mandatory prescribed additional calcium supplements that will be able to cover its deficit.
There are 3 kinds of pills with calcium. The first is the individual drugs, they contain only calcium. A great tool that is often recommended for pregnant women, is "Calcium Sandoz Forte". This effervescent tablets that are easy to make even at work, just enough to dissolve the medicine in water.
For maximum absorption of calcium requires vitamin D, and gaining popularity it is a combination of drugs. Often in addition they are enriched With vitamin C, magnesium, zinc. "Calcium D3 Nycomed" is an affordable and high-quality tool, which perfectly compensates the deficiency of calcium. Additionally, it contains vitamin D, which prevents the leaching of calcium from bone.
For women who want to maintain their health during pregnancy, to compensate for the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D, the domestic pharmacy has issued a "Calcium Active", which also applies to combined drugs. For the price it is considerably better to many similar drugs, and side effects when taking occurs.
Excellent combination medicine that contains not just calcium and vitamin D, but are necessary for a pregnant magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese and boron, is the famous "Calcemin advance". All its components are easily absorbed and do not cause any negative side effects.
Do not forget that the calcium included in multivitamin means. There are special pills that are recommended to receive women in an interesting position. The best in this group are "Vitrum prenatal Forte" and "Elvit recommended to drink a therapist". Their composition is selected in accordance with the requirements of the body of a pregnant woman and a child.