You will need
  • - documents for the transaction;
  • - personal documents of the seller and the buyer.
If you buy a house and land independently, without attracting professionals from real estate Agency, you should carefully read the documents from the seller and close the deal in accordance with all requirements of the current legislation at the time of purchase.
Your seller is required to prepare a package of documents on the basis of which you will be able to enter into a contract of sale, to execute an act of transfer and acceptance and submit the documents in PPRC for the registration of ownership of purchased property.
Read the passport of the seller. If the property sells notary Trustee, make sure that the power of attorney has not expired. For this it is useful to contact the notary office at the place of issuance of a power of attorney and to pay the notary for issuing information on the validity of the document.
Your salesman needs to have a fresh extract from the cadastral passport at house and on the land plot, copy of cadastral plan, the house and the land. For the transaction is required to have a certificate of ownership of the sold estate, extract from the house ofnovel books and personal accounts, notarized permission from all joint owners if the certificate of ownership provided by several persons (article 244 of the civil code). If the seller of the property is located in a registered marriage in which you purchased the property, a notarized authorization for sale required from the other spouse (article No. 34 of the RF, article 256 of the civil code).
If the house and land have the right of ownership of minor, incapable, partially capable person, make sure that you have a decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, which permits the alienation of property (art. № № 28, 29, 26, 30 of the civil code).
If all documents are in order, enclose a notary or a written agreement of purchase and sale and register the act of transfer and acceptance. Contract and certificate must be issued on separate house and land. If you make these documents in written form, consider the article №№ 550, 421, 420, 549, 432, 554, 317, 555, 292, 558 of the civil code. In these legislative acts the detailed explanation of the right of conclusion of the contract.
After the transaction register its ownership rights in PPRC. In one month you will become a full owner of the purchased property and will get the certificate of title to house and land.