What is the law of pair cases

To the law of pair cases include vivid, memorable situations that are repeated twice (or at least twice, if reps is greater). For example, a week after discharge the patient with a very rare diagnosis in the same hospital may be a second patient with the same disease.
It is important that the situation was unusual or somehow eye-catching. About the daily repetitive things.

The law of pair cases can work for one person and for different people. For example, if a woman once experienced strange theft when she followed closely their property, but still it is not spared, after some time, the situation could be repeated. This law also includes cases where several different people, friends or not friends with each other, find themselves in very similar circumstances.

A classic example: one is confronted with an unusual car crash, and the driver stops in the road and fixes the problem. A few days later the same man he stops to help a stranger, and discovers a similar problem with someone else's car.

What is the secret of the law of pair cases

The exact answer to the question of how the law works paired cases, and why it's valid, does not exist. However, there are a number of theories that can explain something. It is easier to explain situations that are based on human observation. For example, a man bought a car of rare stamps, and he noticed a similar car of the same color in the Parking lot, although the first cars he had ever seen. The secret may lie in how people perceive reality: after some events, they begin to notice that you ignored before.
Alas, no explanations of the more obvious things. It's hard to say why one and the same person two times in a day sees, as he runs across the road a black cat.

There is also a mystical explanation for such situations. The law of pair cases is always based on the fact that we were surprised or even shocked. Strong emotions make it again and again to think about the situation, fearing its recurrence. In the end thoughts become material, and undesirable event occurs. So the person who is afraid to become the victim of a robbery, as his neighbor, and in fact may face such a problem. However, there is consolation: if you focus on positive situations, you can create a pleasant and desirable for you pair case.