Advice 1: How to control sexual desire?

Every man needs at times to restrain myself. So, how to learn to control sexual desire?
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There are times when a man must keep his libido. No matter the cause of this need. Much more important to learn to restrain myself. So, how to do it?


Exhausting exercise allow you to curb the desire. The more load, the better the result. This happens for the reason that the physical activity involved the same hormones as in libido. Of course, if you have any ailments it is best to use a different method.


If you can not lower the libido hormone levels, it can be done mentally. Find something you love to do and give him a very long time. The difficulty lies in finding a class that will blow you away with his head.

Call rejection

This method is very cruel to the psyche and very effective solution to our problem. Start online image search for the terms "seborrhea", "dandruff", etc. In the form of unflattering images of you just for awhile don't want to see a woman. Method is ideal for visual learners.
Thus, if necessary, to subdue their natural needs you now know what to do.

Advice 2: How to increase libido

Causes of low libido there are many. It may be due to age-related changes, fatigue, stress, medication, presence of any complexes or maybe someone who originally was not temperamental. Some people accept a decreased libido, so I believe that there's nothing you can do about it. But there are quite a few ways to increase the interest to the partner, and to return sexual satisfaction in your life.
How to increase libido
Hypoactive sexual desire may be associated with chronic fatigue, stress, depression. When you are constantly thinking about work and about other issues in life, to talk about the presence of any sexual desire is not necessary. In this case, will help the rest ofthe attraction from the daily chores and troubles. Take a vacation or time off work and travel. Not necessarily to fly to another end of the world. You just need to change the situation, but it's enough to leave the city. And the city guests can relax. And even better to arrange a weekend together with your partner. Can arrange a romantic evening or just spend the whole day together. Remember how your relationship began, how were you then good. It will make you closer to each other, and maybe even ignite in you the fire of passion and love.
Monotony kills any desire. If your intimate relationship is nothing new, then gradually they become routine. Naturally, the libido decreases. So you should think how you can diversify your sexual life. You can try new poses, new places to have sex, and you can use intimate toys or play role-playing games. Maybe you have some fantasies that you would like to implement. So, now is the time to do this.
Increase libido using food. Almost everyone knows that seafood, quail eggs, nuts have a positive effect on male potency and libido. And all because these products contain vitamin E, sometimes called the "sex vitamin". Therefore, eating foods rich in them help to increase libido in both men and women. Contains vitamin E in cereals, liver, egg yolk, nuts, butter etc. Also positively sexual interest is affected and vitamin C. Its a lot of citrus, red fruits and vegetables.
Sometimes, sexual desire disappears because there are some problems in the relationship. Maybe it has accumulated some resentment, discontent each other. Especially, it can affect the female libido. Girls are more emotional creatures, and their dissatisfaction with the relationship affects sex life. In this case, is the only way out is to sit down and talk heart to heart. Out of all suspicion, doubt, to Express dissatisfaction with each other. But it should be done safely and correctly. The screams and scandals can only worsen the situation.
Another cause of the libido problems are health problems. Irregularities in hormonal, taking certain medications can adversely affect this aspect of your life. So, if you have any health problems, it is necessary to deal with it. But if you are taking any medications, it is possible that after the completion of treatment, libido will return naturally.
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