There are times when a man must keep his libido. No matter the cause of this need. Much more important to learn to restrain myself. So, how to do it?


Exhausting exercise allow you to curb the desire. The more load, the better the result. This happens for the reason that the physical activity involved the same hormones as in libido. Of course, if you have any ailments it is best to use a different method.


If you can not lower the libido hormone levels, it can be done mentally. Find something you love to do and give him a very long time. The difficulty lies in finding a class that will blow you away with his head.

Call rejection

This method is very cruel to the psyche and very effective solution to our problem. Start online image search for the terms "seborrhea", "dandruff", etc. In the form of unflattering images of you just for awhile don't want to see a woman. Method is ideal for visual learners.
Thus, if necessary, to subdue their natural needs you now know what to do.