Advice 1: How to increase the duration of intercourse

Causes too early ejaculation can be a variety of diseases, especially of body or psychological problems, in this case to increase the duration of intercourse will help a doctor. If the sexual act fit into the medical standards, but does not satisfy your partner, there are ways to increase it.
How to increase the duration of intercourse
Premature ejaculation may be associated with excessive innervation of the glans penis. In order to reduce its sensitivity, can be circumcised of the foreskin, the head will often come into contact with the clothes will become less sensitive. Of course, this is quite a drastic way, it is much easier to use thicker condoms or more condoms at once. There are condoms with a special lubricant which makes the head less sensitive. Generally, in pharmacies and specialized stores, there are a lot of ointments, gels and even pills that will reduce your sensitivity. But remember that such tools can have side effects, so they should not be used without consultation with a specialist.
If it is close to orgasm, try to compress the head with his fist, painful feelings will quickly lead you to feeling, and you're ready to have sex for a few minutes.
If you already feel before you act too high excitement, try to take the stress of Masturbation. Of course, this must be done not immediately before sex with a partner, and for several tens of minutes to him. During this time, you'll be ready to have sex, but the degree of excitation will not be so high.
To reduce the innervation of the head can also help water treatments. Send her a powerful stream of water from a hose, a few weeks of such procedures will make you much more resilient lover.
If you feel that you are approaching the finish line, slow down to the same frictions in ten seconds, or even slower, soon you'll be ready to speed it up.
Nice way to increase the time of intercourse will be repeated repetition in a short amount of time after each ejaculation sexual intercourse will become longer and longer.
During intercourse, try to distract, think about work, remember a funny incident, it will help to reduce anxiety.
Remember, disease can only speak in the case if the duration of sexual intercourse regularly, less than one minute. Sexual intercourse with a duration of more than a minute is considered normal, so do not wrap themselves, and follow the simple tips given above.

Advice 2 : What affects the duration of sexual intercourse

The duration of sexual intercourse all men are different. Someone needed more time, others less, and it's inherent nature, as well as some other factors.
What affects the duration of sexual intercourse
Many factors affect the duration of sexual intercourse. And wishes for a longer duration is often very different. Someone wants long, some people like loose to have fun. In General, tastes differ, but to extend or reduce the time of sexual intercourse, it is better to know, because it will help regulate you and your partner and achieve greater enjoyment of sex life.

About such important things as the extension of sexual intercourse, it is better to talk with your partner, because to read minds nobody knows, and hints and physical reactions of different people are not always clear.
Mankind has nothing more than words not invented, therefore, to spend a nice intimate conversation on the topic and discuss how you like: slow or fast, long or not, will always be useful.

What can affect the duration of sexual intercourse men

Influences on the duration of sexual intercourse alcohol naturally it makes the process much longer. If the person is in a relaxed, balanced state, rested and in a good mood, to orgasm will be way less time. Significantly increase the time of sexual intercourse, drugs and other products (creams, emulsions, gels), specially designed for this purpose. They spread mainly through pharmacies and shops of intimate goods. You can also delay sexual intercourse psychological techniques and methods. Try intentionally to think in the most critical moments of something distant. There are special condoms that are either made of thicker latex, or covered with grease. This substance freezes slightly feeling. Due to this renewed intercourse.

In addition, to prolong the sexual act, you can change the tempo if you like fast: while a little bit slow your emotions will go off-scale and duration of sex increases.

It is also important to remember that the duration of sexual intercourse is very dependent on the regularity of sexual life. The more often a person has sex, the more time it requires to achieve orgasm.
Another duration is affected by the temperament of the man and his sexual Constitution. It is possible to try to determine with the help of special tests.

The danger of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse

But too carried away by the prolongation of sexual intercourse is not necessary, since if you do it too often, in the future you may have some problems. For example, if too long to keep a partner, in the end, he may not receive any pleasure or sexual release. And if to delay sexual intercourse, orgasm will eventually get harder, and not everyone needs it. Be competent in your intimate life, and you will be able to enjoy it fully.

Advice 3 : How to increase the duration of sexual intercourse

Men, especially young, are often faced with the problem of premature ejaculation, or ejaculation, during intercourse. Nature, as usual, that a man has an orgasm quicker than woman. In addition to this the constant stress, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle - all this reduces the duration of sexual intercourse.
How to increase the duration of sexual intercourse
It is worth saying that the men who lead a regular sex life, this problem should not arise. The question of the extension of sexual intercourse is directly linked to female orgasm. After all, the man primarily thinks, how to please your partner, because otherwise the sex would always be fleeting.

The technique of prolongation of sexual intercourse

In medicine there are several ways to increase the time of sexual intercourse. The first is based on the technique of sex.

Artificial prolongation of sexual intercourse is that when a man feels that orgasm is approaching, he slows frictions or even briefly remove the penis from the vagina of a woman. Man you should try to breathe evenly and deeply. However, he continues to stimulate erogenous zones of the partner, to her arousal eased. This phenomenon is called "prolongation". With this technique the probability of orgasm in of sexual partners also increased.

Furthermore, even upon occurrence of an ejaculation the man must accustom himself to continue sexual intercourse until the partner reaches orgasm. This method involves the use of a condom.

To increase the time of intercourse the man should enter the penis into the vagina only when a woman is sufficiently aroused as irritation of the head of the penis is much less if the vagina of your partner is well hydrated.

Mechanical methods

Doctors recommend the use of anesthetic gels that significantly prolong the time to orgasm in men. The composition of these gels include Savkin and tetracaine. The gel is applied to the head of the penis for half-hour before intercourse. The lubricant contributes to the blunting in men the sensitivity of the penis head. Same effect but with less intensity, has a condom. The pharmacy can buy condoms with anesthetic, created specifically to prolong sexual intercourse. Exist and medication, but it can only assign a doctor.

Excessive arousal just before sexual intercourse is recommended to remove the tension by means of Masturbation.

Remember, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, giving up alcohol and cigarettes, a proper diet with foods rich in protein, contribute to the natural normalization and regulation of ejaculation in men.

If none of the methods did not bring the desired effect, it may indicate some disorders in the male body. In this case, you should consult with a specialist.
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