Premature ejaculation may be associated with excessive innervation of the glans penis. In order to reduce its sensitivity, can be circumcised of the foreskin, the head will often come into contact with the clothes will become less sensitive. Of course, this is quite a drastic way, it is much easier to use thicker condoms or more condoms at once. There are condoms with a special lubricant which makes the head less sensitive. Generally, in pharmacies and specialized stores, there are a lot of ointments, gels and even pills that will reduce your sensitivity. But remember that such tools can have side effects, so they should not be used without consultation with a specialist.
If it is close to orgasm, try to compress the head with his fist, painful feelings will quickly lead you to feeling, and you're ready to have sex for a few minutes.
If you already feel before you act too high excitement, try to take the stress of Masturbation. Of course, this must be done not immediately before sex with a partner, and for several tens of minutes to him. During this time, you'll be ready to have sex, but the degree of excitation will not be so high.
To reduce the innervation of the head can also help water treatments. Send her a powerful stream of water from a hose, a few weeks of such procedures will make you much more resilient lover.
If you feel that you are approaching the finish line, slow down to the same frictions in ten seconds, or even slower, soon you'll be ready to speed it up.
Nice way to increase the time of intercourse will be repeated repetition in a short amount of time after each ejaculation sexual intercourse will become longer and longer.
During intercourse, try to distract, think about work, remember a funny incident, it will help to reduce anxiety.
Remember, disease can only speak in the case if the duration of sexual intercourse regularly, less than one minute. Sexual intercourse with a duration of more than a minute is considered normal, so do not wrap themselves, and follow the simple tips given above.