Sometimes it happens that a person or a whole family begins to crumble all sorts of misfortunes. Brings health, and very seriously, the problems begin at work including dismissal, or criminal action, house breaking pipes, broken appliances, could even cause a fire. Of course, you can write off all these phenomena at the onset of the so-called "black stripe", but it is not excluded that actually the person is a spell.

How to find out if a hex on a person?

Corruption is a very serious negative impact, aimed to the detriment of the subtle bodies of man. If time does not take any measures, that severe damage can literally drive a man to the grave. Therefore, if there is a suspicion that at you is a spell, as soon as possible to diagnose and to remove, otherwise it could end badly.

In order to determine whether there is damage on you, you can use a Church wax candle. You need to light it, and baptize themselves the burning candle from the top down. If it will sputter, smoke and spark, spreading around the spark is a sure sign that you were induced negativity. Black streaks on the candle say the same thing.

To learn about the presence of damage – a technique using eggs

Another very effective way to determine whether human induced damage, using fresh eggs, preferably directly from the chicken. This method takes a glass of water in a carefully – so as not to damage the yolk broken egg. A glass of water and an egg is placed on the head of the person checking for damage, and held in it for five minutes. After that, the contents of the Cup carefully considered.

If a squirrel up a transparent stretch of the thread, have induced damage, but not very serious – the tears, the lack of money. The thicker the strings, the more serious the damage was induced. If the threads are bubbles, it clearly acted professional. In that case, if in addition to bubbles, there are black dots, the damage is done to death and its urgent need to be removed. If the yolk is all black, man long, and it will save only the urgent intervention of the magician.

What to do if the diagnostics a hex on a person?

If you ran a self test and found that you were still induced damage, as soon as possible looking for practicing specialist in the field of magic. Yourself to remove the damage is almost impossible, and the harm it can cause irreparable. Really strong mages not so much, but there are such people, and their contacts are easy to find.