Signs of damage

The main sign that you are bedevilled – a radical change in mood, persistent irritability, irascibility, aggression towards others. People can laugh and then cry. Simultaneously with mental disorders changes in the environment. For example, when betrayal, disappointment, quarrels and scandals become a regular visitor on your life path.
A black cat is considered a symbol of failure. However, the owners of these Pets will never be afraid of any evil eye or damage. The animals are skillfully distilled all the evil spirits from his owner.

Often the damage or the evil eye accompanied by a sharp deterioration of health. Frequent colds, heart disease, eyes, dizziness, nausea or a General sluggish condition can also be signs of a bad influence.

How to identify damage or the evil eye

To establish existence of the evil eye or damage in several ways. It is often possible to hear Council – spend gold trim on the cheek and in the presence of the black stripe can be sure that damage on you. Darkening of the skin may indicate certain diseases, but not damage. Too to entrust to this method is not necessary.
The ordinary person is possible without malice, so never let to praise yourself or your child. About myself at such moments, tell me – "take what you want of me."

Another popular method is the determination of the damage or the evil eye with the help of raw eggs. This option is most effective. Often the damage suggest the person with the help of these products. Soak a raw egg in his hands, slide it on your face and body and then break. If the mix is bad, the damage on you or evil eye. The same method can determine a bad influence on the other person. Only the procedure necessary to carry out while he sleeps.

Pin and Church candles against damage and the evil eye

To determine the damage or the evil eye is possible with conventional pins. Pin it to the inside of your clothes and wear it for a few days. If the hardware has rusted, that someone very much wishes you harm.

Be sure to inspect your apartment and try to remember everyone who was in it for the last time. The fact that the most common means of targeting corruption is tossing some items. Serious concerns you should call up an old things, earth, salt, dry grass or strange objects, resembling garbage. At detection of such traces should immediately get rid of them.

Buy in Church a few candles. Light them, put in different corners in the apartment. One candle light and with it go around all the rooms. You can read the prayer "our father". Follow the flame. If it smokes, worry constantly or go off in your house were detractors. Note the designated "special risk". It is likely that the planted items are there.
It is believed that St. John's wort is a real protector against the evil eye or damage. Broth is recommended to drink in the prevention and in the apparent symptoms of a bad influence.

The nuances

Most people in the event of suspicion of the evil eye or damage, immediately rush to fortune-tellers, clairvoyants or sorcerers. You should do this only in a pinch. Go to Church, confess your sins, wish happiness to your friends and even detractors. Light up your apartment and buy a cross. Such methods will be more effective than the probability to get an appointment with the quack.