The first sign of the spell is sudden and unnatural desire for the person to whom you had never experienced any feelings. In this enchanted man loses attraction to other people of the opposite sex, it draws only to the person who put the spell.
The feeling you may experience after a spell, more like not passion, but do you feel that you can't live without the one who inflicted upon you the spell, but it causes neither joy nor happiness, and the contacts with this person lead to the feeling of weakness and guilt.
The desire for the one who charmed you, can seem nonsensical and illogical, but for some reason it will not disappear and will only increase.
Enchanted feels uncharacteristic lethargy, apathy, loss of interest in usual things, a reluctance to enjoy life. His inappropriate behavior and lack of self-criticism notice all the people around, but not himself. In humans, an increasing number of pending cases, get in trouble at work, getting cold feelings for the family and often appear depression.
The sphere of interests of the enchanted person is reduced to the object of his "sympathy" and the fear of losing it. This leads to loss of dignity, humiliation, simultaneous feelings of love and hatred to the one who charmed and feeling of pity towards himself.
If you are charmed, most likely, you will lose sleep, you will constantly be tired, and at night you can have nightmares. You may think that life has come a series of misfortunes.
To testify about the perfect rite can earth, scattered around your doorstep, as well as the earth, salt or poppy seeds in your pockets and shoes. Search for the attributes of the perfect rite next to his dwelling – melted candles, pins, matches, needles in the door jambs, nails and more. All of this suggests that someone wanted to bewitch you. In this case, you must immediately contact a specialist who will remove the effects of the rite, otherwise the spell could seriously ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones.