How to know that you are bedevilled with eggs

You will need a homemade fresh egg that wasn't in the fridge and a glass of cold water.

You need to gently break the egg and pour it into the water. It is important that the yolk remained intact.

Leaning his chin to his chest and put the glass on the crown, keep them so for about five minutes. Now let's see what can be seen in the water.

If the water was clean and the yolk is in the protein, then you no damage.

If the squirrel go up the strip, it means the magical interference in your life. It may be evil eye or dislike energetically strong detractors.

If the protein is flowed in the glass you can see a lot of bubbles then you have damage that is done by a professional sorcerer. In rare cases, it so happens that in the glass there are black dots and stains. In this case, it is a strong damage made at the burial ground.

Diagnosis of damage by using photos

Buy a new mirror in the packaging. In no case do not look at him. Light two candles and only then unpack the mirror. Place a mirror between candles and place the photo in front of him. Focus and ask the mirror: "How to melt the wax of this candle, so show me the mirror of evil, evil, evil eye, ruined".

How to know that you are bedevilled with Golden ring

You must remove all face makeup and wash with soap and water. It is advisable to take a gold engagement ring or jewelry that your family is betrayed by inheritance. Slide the ring on the cheek and see whether there are any dark mark. If the bands are left, then, not without the intervention of magical powers. What bands darker, more serious damage.

Diagnosis of the damage with pins

You need to pin on the clothes pin so that it was closer to the heart. Need to she was invisible to others. The head of a pin must be directed upward. This should be done before each exit from the house. If, upon returning home, the safety pin was open, then you are cursed, lost – damage.