The evil eye is a negative emotion to a particular person. Throughout life, people repeatedly become sources and targets of the evil eye. Smooth often unconsciously. The most common reason is envy.

Illness and spleen – signs of the evil eye

The evil eye can manifest deterioration of health and health. Exacerbation of chronic diseases and a weakened immune system. He has a destructive impact on the energy shell.

To reveal the evil eye, watch man. Smooth becomes constrained and clumsy: drops the dishes, bumps on corners, hems. Man withdraws into himself, nervous and easily irritated. There hatred of the family, mood swings.

Ring, the egg and the cat "tells" about the evil eye

There are old methods of determining the evil eye. For example, the egg. Three times roll a fresh egg on the face of the man, saying: "Scram egg, chicken demolished for a loved one is stocked. Open, did something bad to a native person, beloved (name)". Break the egg and pour into a glass. If you see white threads, the man is a jinx.

To detect the evil eye will help an engagement ring. Slide it across her cheek. If it remained white stripe, no evil eye. If the band on the cheek is black, someone wished a man of evil.

There is a very easy way for those who live in the house the cat. Ask the child to pick her up. Let him Pat a cat. Animals well feel the negative energy. If the cat is restless, tries to escape, the child's jinxed.

A believer can reveal the evil eye with the help of Church candles. Light the three candles. Read the prayer of the Holy virgin. Then cross three times. Candle began to smoke or extinguished – it is necessary to remove the evil eye.

You can use Holy water. Wash it before you sleep. And a bottle of water put in the headboard. The night will see the dream from which you will be able to know when and who put the evil eye.

Easy to know about the evil eye, using St. John's wort. Small bundles of plants should be hung in every room. If you quickly withered grass in the child, cursed child. If the other room with the evil eye on Tom, who was in it.

Leaving home, you will wear street clothes or their child's pin. If it opens or lost, we can assume the existence of the evil eye.

For adults with strong energy, the evil eye is not terrible. It has no effect on them.