Carefully observe the "suspect" as you think, devil. If he is a good natured man began to become unreasonably aggressive towards others, and swear words come off his tongue, it is very likely that he was possessed by a demon. Of course, before you put such a diagnosis, it is worth asking your friend if he was okay. After all, the reason for this behavior may be trivial.
Obsession is accompanied by a number of physical ailments, such as loss of appetite and insomnia, colic and constant yawning, especially during prayers, wanton weakness and pain. There may also be insatiable gluttony and painful thinness.
Also one of the most common signs of possession by the devil – when a man bursts out of causeless laughter or starts to howl.
Bring the suspect in possession of a lighted candle, preferably taken from the Church. If the candle flame starts to twitch, crack and smoke, it indicates the presence of evil forces in man.
Please note if there is a person in the last time, the passion to make faces, to tease, to show off. Demons, instilling in the person behave in this manner.
The possessed there is a tendency to gambling and exhibitionism. Try to discreetly follow the suspect in the evening, when, in his opinion, he is one. Find out where he goes and how they spend their leisure time. Note, however, that in itself is gambling does not mean that the man is definitely a devil.
Take a walk with the person in which you want to define the devil, past the Church. Njn who really settled the unclean will not be able to come close to the Church, especially if Church bells. While it might start to shake, as if in an epileptic fit.