Advice 1: How to identify the devil

A lot's of movies about how a man possesses a demon and tormented by him. They look happy, but few people realize that most movies based on real events. And to this day, the demons can inhabit in any accident. So you need to recognize in the person of the evil spirits in time to help him.
How to identify the devil
Carefully observe the "suspect" as you think, devil. If he is a good natured man began to become unreasonably aggressive towards others, and swear words come off his tongue, it is very likely that he was possessed by a demon. Of course, before you put such a diagnosis, it is worth asking your friend if he was okay. After all, the reason for this behavior may be trivial.
Obsession is accompanied by a number of physical ailments, such as loss of appetite and insomnia, colic and constant yawning, especially during prayers, wanton weakness and pain. There may also be insatiable gluttony and painful thinness.
Also one of the most common signs of possession by the devil – when a man bursts out of causeless laughter or starts to howl.
Bring the suspect in possession of a lighted candle, preferably taken from the Church. If the candle flame starts to twitch, crack and smoke, it indicates the presence of evil forces in man.
Please note if there is a person in the last time, the passion to make faces, to tease, to show off. Demons, instilling in the person behave in this manner.
The possessed there is a tendency to gambling and exhibitionism. Try to discreetly follow the suspect in the evening, when, in his opinion, he is one. Find out where he goes and how they spend their leisure time. Note, however, that in itself is gambling does not mean that the man is definitely a devil.
Take a walk with the person in which you want to define the devil, past the Church. Njn who really settled the unclean will not be able to come close to the Church, especially if Church bells. While it might start to shake, as if in an epileptic fit.

Advice 2: As a demon dwell in human

Probably frustrating when your body seizes another entity. And doubly frustrating if the essence of evil, in other words the devil. To prevent this trouble, you need to know how a demon possesses a human body.
As a demon dwell in human

Religious interpretation

Before you take possession of the man, the demons are preparing the "soil". They can't possess people with a pure soul, so inspire sinful thoughts. But the devils inspire their thoughts to people that they do not notice this suggestion. My thoughts demons are making to the thoughts of people, that was not noticeable as sinful thoughts permeate the human mind.

Gradually sinful thoughts of the human mind. Using this, the devil can subjugate the will the last to enter his body and control it. Such people are called demoniac, possessed or zombified.

To possess a devil can not only to the sinner. Sometimes the Lord condones that demon possessed in the Church, sincerely believing person.

Signs of obsession

About the possessed written many books and filmed more movies. As mentioned above, a religious interpretation of obsession looks like the subordination of demon will.

Obsessed man very much changed both externally and internally. He could experience seizures rage seizures. The possessed often think about suicide, but more often about the murder. They can speak on behalf of the one who took control of their body, even in an unfamiliar language.

Another sign of possession is the rejection of Christian symbols. But in this case we can talk about mental disorders than about the fact of external intervention. After all, Muslims also do not accept the Christian symbolism, but it is not a sign of obsession.

In Islam the sign of possession is considered to be immoral behavior, hallucinations, mental disorders and often loss of consciousness. However, the Muslims inhabit not demons, but genies or devils, that one and the same.

Religion or cults may be different, but in any of them the introduction of a person hostile entity is accompanied by similar symptoms. Obsessed not only suffer, but cause suffering to others. The indwelling demon is having a devastating effect on the carrier. The essence of not eating the body from the inside out physically – she feeds on the energy of the body.

How to cast out the demon

The phenomenon of the universe is a hostile entity were known long before the advent of Christianity. The priests and then the priests tried to fight these entities with the help of rituals, spells and prayers. However, as the practice of the Inquisition, there is nothing more powerful than the physical destruction of the media.

Actually, the devils needed a physical suffering of a victim they have received. When the inquisitors first tortured and then burned alive body on fire, then the devil has got so much energy that he only had that to leave the host body before his death.

Advice 3: What prayer protects from demons

The devils are invisible to human eyes, but to feel their presence as a human can. In the presence of the devil suddenly a feeling of alertness, danger. Man, near which is the devil, it seems that he was being watched. The feeling is rather unpleasant and somewhat depressing. Get rid of the demons help of prayer and some action.
What prayer protects from demons

Who are the demons

Devils or demons are evil spirits that want to harm all living things. Demons feed on the sinful energy of the man when he indulges in nebogougodnom classes. Especially demons like it when a person smokes, abuses alcohol, eats meat (preferably blood), indulges in debauchery. In General, demons like those people who do not keep the commandments of the Lord.

Demons are created from very delicate matter, so is able to penetrate through walls, doors and
other material obstacles. However, they can't enter consecrated place, as this area is marked for God.

Protection from demons

If the room the prayers and done the Lord's action, then the Devil will not be able to enter it, as the Lord sends in this building (or room in the building) his protection and blessing. Everyone who will be in God-protected building/room will be protected from demonic influence.

Protection the Lord extends to those who read prayers. Prayer is the best way to escape from demons. Such prayers there is a great variety, in each particular case helps his own prayer.

If the person is not protected by God, evil spirits can get into his soul or possess his body. Demons come only to where they prepared the place. Ie, if a person neglects prayers, leads nebogougodnoe way of life, his body and soul may try to possess the evil entity. And then they are very difficult to cast, in any case, people can not handle.

Prayers from demons

The universal prayer is "our father." In essence, the demons being cunning and deceitful. In this prayer man asks God to "deliver us from the evil one." Another person can go with a prayer for protection to their patron Saint or guardian angel.

Varieties of evil entities, and each of them has its own prayer. Of course, the common man does not know what the devil is with him. But if you protect yourself by reading at least one prayer a day, none of the demons will not be able to approach the righteous.

Prayers from evil spirits can be found in the prayer book, which is sold in the Church benches. Also prayer has on the Internet. But prayer can not save, if people will not repent of their deeds and accepts the Lord into his consciousness.

The demons you did not attend and did not attempt to your body and soul need to live a righteous life, obey the commandments of the Lord, to do evil and not to have sinful thoughts.
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