There are two basic ways that will allow you to access the name of your detractors. The first option is to seek help from a professional psychic or magician. He will answer you, whether induced damage on you and who you sent it. However, if this MAG will be a charlatan, you are just wasting your time and money.
There is another way to know who caused the damage. You can own, in the home and it is completely free to discover the name of his foe. For this there are many effective magical rituals. Using them, you will get all the information you need. Such rites vary greatly among themselves, but they all have one goal, namely the discovery of the secret. This is the simplest magic, which is available even to the beginner. The main thing – faith in our strength and intention to get a result.
First is to find out whether induced damage. The easiest way to do it with a pin. You will need to pin the pin on the wrong part of the garment. It should be invisible to others and located as close as possible to your heart. The pin head must be perpendicular to the surface of the earth.
When you become to pin this item to the clothes, say the plot, for example: "Lord, save me on the road, from evil people and evil thoughts." Then three times say, "Amen." This should be done before going out of the house. When you return, look at the pin. If you found that you lost it, probably, have induced damage.
To identify damage using eggs. For this evening, before bedtime take a glass jar, fill it with water and add 1 egg. Do this very carefully so the yolk is in any case not spilled. Hold a jar over your head, close to the head, then near the forehead, chest, groin and feet. Each of these parts of the body, the Bank should be hold for five minutes. Then close it with a lid and put for the night near the head. If you had induced damage, by morning the egg will be dark, and the water is turbid.
Also you can figure out who caused the damage. This can be done by using wax. It is important to remember that during a magical operation it is necessary to use only natural materials. So, take a bowl of clean (not chlorinated) water. You will also need wax. With paraffin it can not be replaced.
Melt the wax in a water bath, then pour in a Cup of water, saying the following: "the Wax is poured, the enemy poured". If you see the image of a flower or the moon, so damage was induced by a woman. If you can see the image of the Raven, bear, wolf, shape of a square or rhombus, which means that the damage induced male. In addition, upon closer examination you can see the image of the person who gave you the negative.