Causes of nasal congestion

At first glance, the nose a trifle, but for this symptom can hide a serious disease. As a result of nasal congestion in the body gets less oxygen, there are such symptoms as fatigue, weakness and fatigue, headaches and insomnia.

One of the reasons may be traumatized nasal septum, which prevents the normal passage of air. This problem is common among professional athletes. But there are cases of damage to the partitions and at home – you just failed to bump or fall.

More and more people today susceptible to allergic reactions to household chemicals and dust and plant pollen, food and so on. The result of such a reaction is often nasal congestion. Along with this symptom there are also itchy eyes, drowsiness, rash, and redness in certain areas.

The nose is often laid down with colds and flu. Due to infection of the body is the swelling of the mucous membrane – so produces antibodies to fight the cold. The nasal passages are narrowed and almost block the access of air. And if you run cold, then it can become chronic (sinusitis, sinusitis).

Children may be the result of a foreign object, a violation of personal hygiene or of microflora of the nasal mucosa, and enlarged adenoids. Normally, they do not interfere with the breathing, but if the child is often sick, the adenoids react by increasing their size, and aktiviziruyutsya, producing antibodies to various diseases.

Any inflammatory diseases in the nasal cavity can cause nasal congestion. Due to growth of the mucosa can occur polyps, and against the background of a long reception of different vasoconstrictor drugs – medication rhinitis.

Ways to treat nasal congestion

When injury of the nose and damage to the partition you need to contact the doctor for an x-ray examination and determine the state and position of the bones. It may be surgical intervention.

Recovery from allergic rhinitis process complex and time-consuming. You need to consult with an allergist and find the cause of allergic reactions, passing lab test allergen. Depending on the found source, in the future try to avoid its occurrence, and if possible contact are prescribed anti-allergic medications – pills, injection or ear drops.

If the child has a stuffy nose, an urgent need to visit the children's ENT doctor for diagnosis and treatment. When much enlarged adenoids may need surgery to remove them. To remove the foreign object themselves do not succeed, will need the help of an ENT physician or surgeon.

When sinusitis sinusitis and nose can be fully pledged, should immediately contact the doctor, as these diseases threaten very severe complications. Polyps, depending on the type and extent of the growths are treated with steroids or removed operational way.

Frequent problems with nose breathing can result in excessive use of vasoconstrictor drops. Dependence on their use leads to rhinitis medication as a rejection of these drugs affects health. To get rid of the dependencies by avoiding the instillation of one of the nasal sinuses and the other to continue to dig. Over time, mucosa in the absence of the droplets is restored.

Also nasal congestion can be treated by therapy KUF (ultraviolet rays treatment). To ease breathing, can help the acquisition of household humidifier, often it is enough.

The prerequisite to successful treatment of nasal congestion is the timely treatment to the doctor. Self-treatment can only do harm. This is especially true of children, because parents may not notice a foreign object in the nose of the child and the instillation of drops in this case will have no effect and will only trigger drug-induced rhinitis.