A very common problem at the moment is the congestion of the nose, there are many reasons for its occurrence:

  • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, in which there is swelling of the nasal mucosa and larynx;

  • sinusitis;

  • chronic sinusitis;

  • polyps;

  • allergic reactions to dust, chemicals, pollen, fungus, etc., food allergies;

  • swelling of the mucous membrane in pregnant women;

  • hormonal nature and taking medications that reduce the amount of estrogen;

  • deformation or curvature of the nasal septum;

  • tumors and foreign bodies in the sinuses and many more.

There are many ways and recipes to treat this problem:

  1. Long blocked nose, apply aloe and Kalanchoe. These medicinal plants are very effective in the treatment of the patient's nose. You can squeeze the juice of the plant, dilute it with boiled water and instilled into the nose 2-3 times a day for the treatment period. This tool quickly reduces swelling and relieves discomfort.

  2. A very effective medicinal plant is also a Golden mustache. With it you can do tincture on water and on alcohol, and then instilled into the nose. You can just squeeze the juice of the plant and, slightly diluted with boiled water, drip into the nostrils. Among other ways, you can make a decoction of the Golden mustache for rinsing the sinuses.

  3. A very effective treatment for nasal congestion are the essential oils you can apply them separately and mix them, dilute with olive or vegetable oil. In the mixture put the cotton swab and lubricate the nose. You will start to sneeze profusely, it may start cold, but after a short period of time you will feel relieved, and the swelling of nose will be held. But there is one drawback in the treatment of oils, this method is very effective, but if you have allergies, you need to very carefully approach the process of selection of oils to avoid allergic reaction to a particular essential oil!

  4. You can also use a tincture of Valerian is to make treatment of edema of the nose more effectively. To do this, a tablespoon of crushed Valerian root should be mixed with half Cup of vegetable or olive oil, then infuse the mixture in a cool dark place for about a week, strain. You can then bury the resulting mixture 1-2 drops of the night.

  5. In addition, you can heat up the sinuses with heated salt wrapped in thick cloth, boiled potatoes or boiled eggs.

  6. You can wash the nose with cool water and sea salt. This method rapidly relieves the symptoms and makes breathing easier.

  7. Also recommend to massage the septum and sinuses, making a circular motion.

  8. And, of course, the application of the classical medicine – vasoconstrictor drops. But be careful to treat nasal congestion so sometimes it's not harmless, it may be addictive. And this dependence will only bring you discomfort.