You will need
  • sea salt and water
  • any meadow grass
Shortness of breath can be associated with certain physiological characteristics. To cope with the disease will help only surgical intervention. But it happens that the nasal congestion caused by undertreated disease that has long outgrown in the chronic form. To cure chronic nasal congestion, you need to regularly perform certain procedures, which in consequence will save you from the discomfort.
For starters, take a survey and determine the nature of the disease. If you find that nasal congestion is associated with individual structure of the nose and throat, you should seek a competent surgeon and the ENT specialist, who can advise how to fix this problem.
If nasal congestion is associated with a disease such as sinusitis, do not hurry to go to the hospital and try to heal yourself. You'll need sea salt and water. In a glass of water mix one tablespoon salt. The salt should dissolve. Next, this solution was drip nose. The water from the nose go for the throat. Do this procedure the first 2-3 days every half an hour, and after 8-10 times a day. If the illness is running, the sensations are not pleasant but quite bearable. The disease will go away in a couple weeks.
Argued that treat chronic nasal congestion can only medicines. Doctors do not recognize traditional methods of treatment. But the human body quickly becomes accustomed to the medication. So ignore people's advice is not necessary. For example, try every evening to do inhalation from herbs. You can use any Prairie grass (unless, of course, not allergic to them). During inhalation inhale should pair the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Another way to cure congestion is a morning walk. Get up before sunrise and go for a walk to the river. They say that the morning river mist cures all diseases related to the nose, and the rising sun is able to warm up all the sinuses. If there is no river, you should go to the birch grove or pine forest.