Causes of nasal congestion

The most common cause of breathing problems is the common cold and SARS (acute respiratory viral infection). Along with other symptoms, infection or viruses introduced into the human body, there is a runny nose.

Also often nasal congestion is allergies. It can cause such irritants as pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and harsh odors.

Dry mucous membranes can also cause this condition because of its protective function is reduced. Most often, these problems arise in people who spend a lot of time in dusty and dry areas, as well as those uses as any medications that dry up the nasal passages.

Lay the nose is in the period of carrying a child, and it can last until childbirth. The reason for this is inflamed sinuses expectant mother.

In infants the nose may lay in the period of teething, and also because of hypothermia. In addition, a similar problem the baby may be a reaction to the slightest stimuli, and not be a symptom of the disease.

Funds from nasal congestion

To facilitate nasal breathing, a person suffering from nasal congestion, independently uses special drugs. On pharmacy shelves they are now a huge number, so the problem of choice usually does not happen. Due to the fact that this disease is the consequence of puffiness of blood vessels, the drugs most often directed to their narrowing.

The most effective sprays and drops are Glycine and Nazivin and Vinovium, Sanorin and Otrivin. Of course, drugs of this type much more, but these medications often are prescribed by physicians because they are for small period of time can relieve a person from nasal congestion.

Choosing means of a cold, you need to remember about their main drawback is the appearance of addiction. For this reason, these drugs should not be used more than 3-4 days. Sometimes the treatment period may be week, but only on the condition that you are under a doctor's supervision.

In addition to the drops and sprays can be effective. Their advantage is that the duration of treatment may be longer and the injury will be virtually no apply. But these drugs can be used only on prescription.

It is also important to remember that a great way to get rid of nasal congestion is the wash procedure. Through this action you can remove the swelling, clear nasal cavity, reduce inflammation and increase protective functions. Means for such manipulation are made, usually based on the solution of seawater or salt.

For washing the doctors usually prescribe such medicines as he was able, Akvamaris, Salin and Humer. Drugs of this type can be used even in the treatment of nasal congestion in young children, because the dose of medicine is excluded.