Treatment of persistent rhinitis

Prolonged therapy of rhinitis carried out simultaneously in the following areas: effects on the nasal mucosa, the elimination of the causes and precipitating factors, stimulation of the immune system, prevention of recurrence. If prolonged rhinitis is undertreated consequence of colds or infectious diseases, choice of drug treatment depends on the symptoms and state of health. With abundant and clear nasal discharge. used vasoconstrictor drugs ("Otrivin", "Nose", "Sanorin, Nazivin", "ksimelin", "At", etc.).

If the rhinitis is atrophic form, which appears dense and sparse secretions from the nose, you need to use antibacterial drugs (drops "Pinosol", ointment "Baktroban", "spray Polideksa"). You should also rinse your nose salt solutions, or use special sprays ("Phrase", "saline", Aqua Maris"). Lasting several months of protracted cold treat fizioterapevticheskie treatments, laser, surgery.

Treatment of persistent rhinitis in the Allergy should begin with the cessation of contact with a substance that causes negative symptoms. Clear manifestations of allergic rhinitis is the sudden onset of the disease, no signs of a cold, the presence of characteristic signs (lacrimation, profuse discharge from the nose, repeated sneezing, shortness of nasal breathing), the inefficiency of the conventional means used in the cold. To treat the symptoms of allergies, use drugs one group antihistamines of the second row ("loratadine", "Castin", "Clarinase", "Zyrtec", "Telfast", "Allergodil"). These medicines do not cause drowsiness, weakness, headache and impaired coordination.

How to cure a lingering cold

Prolonged cold can be caused by endocrine disorders, the reflex effects on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. Its causes can be a change in the temperature of food or air, emotional stress, exhaustion. In this case, we recommend taking multivitamin and bio-stimulants. Will be useful for recreational activities, often ventilate the room, spending time in the fresh air, playing sports.

Lingering colds can be cured by traditional medicine. Good help inhalation of fumes of chopped garlic or onion. This procedure must be performed three times a day for 5-8 minutes. Prolonged cold you can use aloe Vera juice mixed with honey. We have to wrap the leaf of a plant in black paper and put in 14 hours in the refrigerator. Then from there squeeze the juice and combine it with 1/3 teaspoon of honey. The mixture is instilled into the nose three times a day for a full dropper in each nostril. Folk remedies for the treatment of protracted cold is best used only after consultation with your doctor.