Warm up the sinuses with hot steam. Go to the bath – wet steam reduces swelling, helps to eliminate stagnation of mucus, diluting it.
Use the inhaler or breathing hot steam from the boiled potatoes – effect of the procedure is similar to visiting the baths, the only difference in the ingredients for mortar. Eucalyptus essential oil, mint leaves, added to boiling water, good clean nasal passages, improve the expectoration of mucus.
Razrezayte accumulated mucus by using a "head bath". Contrast bath will soften the dense mass – dip the head (the scalp) in warm water, soak for about 7 minutes, then 30 seconds in cold water. Alternate baths several times. At the end of the procedure directly in the nasal passages a couple of drops of diluted eucalyptus essential oil and clean the nose.
Do the exercises. The usual exercises morning exercises suitable for a short workout – this is produced when adrenaline reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa.
Eat spicy food. Add dishes of hot horseradish, cook with plenty of red pepper and garlic. Spicy food "breaks" stuffy nose, mucus can be vismarkt easier.
Do massage of the sinuses. Daily before going to bed, apply pressure on the sinuses with your thumbs, hold the pressure for a few seconds and remove the fingers. Repeat the movement several times – this will improve circulation, neutralize the feeling of pressure and pain in the sinuses. You can add mustard or any other vegetable oil – sinus warms up.
Dilute decongestants. Due to the rapid effect of habituation, drugs, constricts blood vessels, can not be used more than 3-5 days. Therefore, from the very first day of dilute means of a cold water exactly half – it will not reduce the effectiveness of medicines, but will extend the possible duration of its use.
Do saline lavage. Dissolve in warm water and sea or table salt, enter the part in hand and pull one of the nostrils – to get the water through the mouth or through the other nostril. Repeat the procedure for the other nostril. Do washing as often as possible.