Colds and allergies

If suddenly at night a stuffy nose, it may be symptom of colds. In this case, you need to remember that not overcooled in recent time, the body? If the answer is positive you need to take a means of warming, it will help to relieve nasal congestion and prevent further disease development.

This symptom often accompanies allergies. In this case, you should take the remedy. After this the nose should not be disturbed. In addition, it is important to find and get rid of the allergen, otherwise the medication will not be able to help and give a temporary effect.

Inflammation of the adenoide

In some cases, the cause of nasal congestion is the inflammation of the adenoide. If they were not removed, then over time they will often make itself felt. However, take the time to remove them is not necessary, because they are indicators of what the human body working properly. In this case, it is recommended to use drops for the nose, then the problems will quickly go away.

The clamping of blood vessels

Quite frequent nasal congestion is the compression of blood vessels. However, this is a serious problem, it is essential to consult a specialist. Independently not addressed, the situation will only worsen. Keep this in mind and try faster to visit a doctor.

Dry air

If the room is dry air, it may be the reason why the nose provides a night. In this case, the problem to solve is quite simple. So, before going to bed ventilate the area, and to do this it is recommended at any time of the year. It is useful to purchase a humidifier, and if you can't afford it, then you can put near the battery a glass of water. The liquid will quickly evaporate, thereby humidifying the air.

The curvature of the nasal septum

If the nose lays for a long time, perhaps a deviated septum. In most cases, this happens as a result of injury. You can fix this with the help of plastic surgery. You should make an appointment with the surgeon, to undergo examination and make the decision to do the surgery.