If you notice that a runny nose is not for the past two weeks, at this stage it is necessary not to panic and not to self-medicate. Immediately you should contact your doctor again for further diagnosis. It may well be that the respiratory illness was chronic. In addition, allergic rhinitis or vasomotor rhinitis. The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and appropriate treatment.

In the case when pathological circumstances for protracted cold is not found, the doctor suggest, symptomatic treatment aimed at improving the General condition of the patient, and begin to strengthen the immune system.

Treatment of the common cold

To get rid of nasal congestion is possible if often to flush sinuses is not a concentrated salt solution. With the head in performing this procedure, you must hold so that the entire solution could not flow into the nasopharynx and not flowed back, and was longer in the nasal passages. To relapse cold did not happen, you need to take care of the protective forces of the body. It is necessary to refuse from Smoking and alcohol.
Don't underestimate the benefit of tempering procedures. You can go walking or Jogging. Please dress for the weather, avoid hypothermia and stress.

It is important to pay attention to nutrition, you need to use fresh juices, fresh fruits and vegetables. You can consult a doctor on what remedies will help to raise immunity. Must follow the doctor's advice, follow a healthy lifestyle, and virtually no cold-related illness the person will not be afraid.

Folk remedies for the common cold

When serious diagnoses accompanying a runny nose, no, the doctors suggest to resort to the methods of folk medicine which can help in the treatment of this disease.

A good anti-inflammatory effect has fresh carrot juice, which is recommended to be instilled into each nostril 2 drops.
Coping with the cold people mix 2 the proportion of beet juice with one share of honey, and a solution buried 5 drops into the nasal passages every 6 hours.

Well relieves nasal congestion warm foot bath with mustard. This powder can be used otherwise, for example, pour it into wool socks and wear them overnight.

A huge role in the treatment of chronic rhinitis plays a prevention of recurrence. In particular, it is important to monitor their own condition during epidemics of respiratory diseases.