Star prospect of marriage

What will family life, you can learn in different ways, it is usually a date of birth of the spouses. However, a comparison of the signs of the zodiac, typically leads to rather superficial analysis. It is believed that as a romantic relationship and family creation the most just given to people born in the signs of one element. For example, Cancer and Scorpio (water element), Taurus and Virgo (earth) or Gemini and Aquarius (air). Quite a nice combination of elements and among themselves, as psychologists say, "water nourishes the land," and "the air blows the fire."
Natal chart is called personal horoscope, drawn up at the time of birth of the person given the location and exact time of birth.

Instituskaya astrology allows you to get an idea of the compatibility of partners by comparing their Natal chart, and usually gives fairly full information about the strengths and weaknesses of marriage. Such a prediction helps to smooth out some domestic problems and find clues to their solution. Many spouses have turned to astrologers for advice of this kind, subsequently admitted that their life together was harmonious, but the relationship is deeper.

It should be noted that not always compare zodiac signs spouse may give a full idea of their compatibility. The fact that the sun in the Natal chart (specifying the actual character), not always plays a decisive role in the horoscope. Such people, however, usually already know that they are not quite typical representatives of their signs. In such cases it is only necessary to determine the strongest planet in the horoscope and analyze signs in which they are located. It must be remembered that the position of the moon, Mars, and Venus were particularly important in the analysis of compatibility.
The signs are planets like mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, can give valuable clues about the most productive methods and types of joint activities of the spouses.

Don't despair if it turned out that the compatibility of the spouses will not be one hundred percent competent and experienced psychologist, comparing the Natal charts of the partners, will prompt variants of smoothing of contradictions and ways of harmonization of relations. After all, astrology does not give accurate information, she can only hint, prompting the road ahead.

Compatibility according to the Eastern horoscope

In addition to analyzing the signs of the zodiac, is important and the years in which were born the husband and wife. In addition to classic options for compatibility (for example, the Boar-Goat-cat or Dog-Horse-Tiger), it is necessary to consider elements, which include a particular year. All in accordance with the Eastern horoscopes, of which there are five: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.