Advice 1: How to check the compatibility of spouses on the date of birth

In astrology there is a separate section on compatibility of people, including spouses. There are several basic techniques that can help to establish how the husband and wife fit together.
How to check the compatibility of spouses on the date of birth

Star prospect of marriage

What will family life, you can learn in different ways, it is usually a date of birth of the spouses. However, a comparison of the signs of the zodiac, typically leads to rather superficial analysis. It is believed that as a romantic relationship and family creation the most just given to people born in the signs of one element. For example, Cancer and Scorpio (water element), Taurus and Virgo (earth) or Gemini and Aquarius (air). Quite a nice combination of elements and among themselves, as psychologists say, "water nourishes the land," and "the air blows the fire."
Natal chart is called personal horoscope, drawn up at the time of birth of the person given the location and exact time of birth.

Instituskaya astrology allows you to get an idea of the compatibility of partners by comparing their Natal chart, and usually gives fairly full information about the strengths and weaknesses of marriage. Such a prediction helps to smooth out some domestic problems and find clues to their solution. Many spouses have turned to astrologers for advice of this kind, subsequently admitted that their life together was harmonious, but the relationship is deeper.

It should be noted that not always compare zodiac signs spouse may give a full idea of their compatibility. The fact that the sun in the Natal chart (specifying the actual character), not always plays a decisive role in the horoscope. Such people, however, usually already know that they are not quite typical representatives of their signs. In such cases it is only necessary to determine the strongest planet in the horoscope and analyze signs in which they are located. It must be remembered that the position of the moon, Mars, and Venus were particularly important in the analysis of compatibility.
The signs are planets like mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, can give valuable clues about the most productive methods and types of joint activities of the spouses.

Don't despair if it turned out that the compatibility of the spouses will not be one hundred percent competent and experienced psychologist, comparing the Natal charts of the partners, will prompt variants of smoothing of contradictions and ways of harmonization of relations. After all, astrology does not give accurate information, she can only hint, prompting the road ahead.

Compatibility according to the Eastern horoscope

In addition to analyzing the signs of the zodiac, is important and the years in which were born the husband and wife. In addition to classic options for compatibility (for example, the Boar-Goat-cat or Dog-Horse-Tiger), it is necessary to consider elements, which include a particular year. All in accordance with the Eastern horoscopes, of which there are five: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Advice 2: How to find by birth date Zodiac sign

With the birth of the baby mother so I want to look into the future to learn about his fate. After all else has long been observed that the presence of solar light, and the stars in the sky at a specific time in a specific way affect human behavior. According to the Western horoscope, there are 12 signs of the zodiac, the constellations which the Sun is at the time of birth.
How to find by birth date Zodiac sign
Find out the zodiac sign according to Western astrology, the day and month of birth. If a baby is born between 21 March to 20 April, his zodiac sign is Aries. And from 21 to 31 March ruling planet - Mars. A characteristic feature of these Rams will be the hardness, strength, bravery, courage. From 1 to 11 April the strong influence of Saturn, which will give born in these days of nobility, generosity, ambition, pride. Born from 12 to 20 April, the kids will be under the influence of the planet Venus. It will be of a nature passionate, impulsive, tender.
Zodiac sign by date of birth from April 21 to may 20 – Taurus. Patronizing from April 21 to may 1, the planet mercury gives the person is in good mental powers, the Moon (from 2 to 22 may) - daydreaming and nobility, and Saturn (from 12 to may 20) – pessimistic and unsociable.
From 21 may to 21 Jun little ones are born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Jupiter (from 21 to 31 may) will give them such traits as intelligence, intuition, religiousness; Mars (from 1 to 10 June) – aggressiveness, sarcasm; the Sun (from 11 to 21 June) – arrogance, vanity, irritability. Cancers born between 22 June to 22 July. They exercise a strong influence of the planet Moon and mercury. This is a good, interesting, ironic, sensitive, Bohemian people.
The ruling planets of the zodiac sign Leo (July 23 to August 23) are Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. They give the strength, intelligence, authoritativeness. The next zodiac sign according to date of birth 24 August-23 September Virgo. The sun, Venus and mercury gives the representatives of this sign the feeling of harmony, humility, resourcefulness. Harmonious Libra (24 September-23 October) patronize Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. Under the influence of these planets people sign Libra very gentle, discreet, friendly, sensual.
Zodiac sign Scorpio covers the period from October 24 to November 22. Due to the ruling planets Mars, the Sun and Venus are people generous, emotional, enthusiastic, but sometimes frustrated and careless. Sagittarius (23 Nov – 21 Dec) under the influence of mercury, moon and Saturn can be brave, athletic developed, persistent, sensitive, with a great imagination.
Zodiac sign by date of birth from December 22 to January 20 - Capricorn. It's a calm, calculating, passionate, hard-working nature, which at the moment of birth under the influence of Jupiter, Mars and Sun. For Aquarius (January 21 – February 20) significant influence of such planets as Venus, mercury and the Moon. Aquarians are sensitive, shy, smart, gentle, truthful. Pisces (February 21 to March 20) under the influence of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, honest, sensitive, sociable nature.
Note that despite some influence of the planets on human character, has not been canceled educational function of the parents. To your child growing up joy to you and others, develop a positive traits and correct weaknesses. And remember that not a Western horoscope, but the man himself is the architect of his happiness.
We present to your attention a convenient table to determine the zodiac sign by date of birth. Attention, the day when the Sun enters the zodiac sign may vary slightly from that indicated here, depending on the year and place of birth. To learn more detailed and accurate information about your sign need to be a professional astrological horoscope, which you can order at this link.
Useful advice
The sign in which the Sun was, at the time of birth of the person is sometimes called his "sun sign" (in the press very often used the term "zodiac sign" or "sign" that from the point of view of many professional astrologers is not correct). Zodiac signs can be defined as a tabular method for the date of the civil calendar, calculated on the basis of the position of the Sun in the Ecliptic. In contrast to the signs of the zodiac, in astronomy the periods of the passage of the Sun through the zodiacal constellations are very unequal...

Advice 3: Oriental horoscope compatibility Monkey and Tiger

Find your soul mate in modern life is very difficult. Oriental horoscope compatibility will help to lift the veil of secrecy and to avoid many awkward situations. One of the most colorful and controversial character combinations can be considered to be a Tiger and a Monkey. Their life together can be incredibly happy or Vice versa. The future of this pair will depend entirely on the willingness of the partners to be together.
Oriental horoscope compatibility Monkey and Tiger

Love and marriage

The problem of this couple is that they are very similar in nature. Tiger and Monkey differ sharp mind and a natural insight. They are intellectuals, researchers and romance. They both have a constant need for new people and lead an active social life.

The romance between Monkey and Tiger proceeds rapidly. Emotions overflowing, passion is literally flooded with both signs. They are happy to give this extraordinary feeling entirely. The tiger captures the frenzy of the Monkey, her sensuality and openness.

Sexual relationship at the beginning of the novel also resemble the ocean during a storm. The tiger is capable of deep feelings, and the Monkey will provoke his bold experiments. Such relationship can not last long.

Monkey thinks Tiger is clever enough to play on his weaknesses. Sooner or later the Tiger will begin to tire of the constant voltage from that crazy rhythm that he imposes a Monkey.

Of course, such relationships are long-term prospects, but for the Tiger and Monkey is a more viable option of living together. They will have to learn to listen to the wishes and feelings of each other. The monkey and the Tiger will go a long way in order to achieve spiritual Union. A happy marriage is possible with mutual respect.

Female Monkey has to learn to behave in a more restrained and less brazenly. To her Union with a Tiger important not to forget that he is much wiser, stronger and more experienced than her.

The hardest thing will be to build relationships between a male Monkey and a female Tiger. Here success will be the material well-being. If the Monkey will be well-paid and interesting work, the Tiger will feel comfortable. Stability in this pair will depend entirely on the patience of the Tiger.

The friendship between a Tiger and a Monkey

These two together is not boring and bored others. Around them is always a lot of people who are very interested in spending time with them. Tigers are great storytellers, and Monkeys – an extraordinary entertainer.

Maybe they can not become intimate friends who are willing to come to the rescue at any moment, but close friends they can be completely. Usually Tigers are well-deserved public respect. The monkey is very flattering friendship with a strong and courageous Tiger.

Joint business and business relationships

Leadership qualities of these characters help to achieve success in almost any field. They are talented and resourceful. Both know how to achieve this.

The monkey is famous for his ability to persuade, and the Tiger is able to inspire confidence. They go to the goal, without fear of obstacles. Monkey and Tiger – a wonderful business partners. However, only when their joint case is just beginning. In the future, it is desirable to split up, otherwise the constant struggle for supremacy could destroy a successful company.
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