Advice 1: What man needs a woman-the virgin

Woman-Virgo makes for an applicant for the hand and heart of stringent requirements. It's very long to choose a partner, but her choices are almost always impeccable. Woman-Virgo appreciates men, not only good looks and a gentle sense of humor, but strong character, love of order and ability to think and feel the same as she
What man needs a woman-the virgin
A female virgin needs a man who will respect her and tenderly take care of her. Most likely, the second half of the women Virgo will be a smart, considerate and intelligent man with an exquisite sense of humor, who will appreciate her and share her views.

Men born under the sign of the Earth

Men born under the sign of the Earth, close to the woman-the virgin in spirit. The ideal partner will be a male Capricorn. These two are born for each other, so between them there is eternal harmony. A lasting Union is possible, a male Calf who will be for Virgo a reliable companion, friend and confidant. Woman and Virgo man-Virgo share common goals and values, they even feel the same way, but due to the predictability of partner's woman-Virgo can get bored.

Men born under the sign of Fire

Woman-Virgo can create a strong Alliance with a man born under the sign of Fire. While a virgin, like a good hostess, Viet a cozy family nest and keeps the fire of the family hearth, man-Aries realizes his fiery nature on the job, putting into practice ambitious plans and grandiose projects. Leo can also be a good match for Virgo, provided that both partners learn to respect each other and the girl would forget about the habit of always criticizing the chosen one. Male-Sagittarius will appeal to the woman-the virgin with his intelligence and optimism, but eventually you find that they have a completely different Outlook on life.

Men born under the sign of the Air

Of all the men of the air element only Scales will be able to create a female Virgin is a long-term Alliance. Virgo will not demand from your partner in career growth and huge salaries, and the Scales, in turn, will turn a blind eye to the constant nagging and nitpicking petty Virgo. Men born under the sign of Gemini, Virgo seem irresponsible and frivolous creatures, so it will be constantly and unsuccessfully trying to change them. If the relationship between Virgo and Gemini and is destined to begin, then they end up full of misunderstandings and mutual disappointment of partners. But the spiritual and creative Aquarius, which can not fail to live according to a schedule that a virgin will always remain for her an Enigma.

Men born under the sign of Water

Good work have a female Virgo and male Cancer. Cancer soft, calm, considerate, has a sense of humor, his vision of the domestic side of marriage, appeals to the virgin, who in this Union is the clear leader. Bright, enchanting but strong Union can emerge from humble Virgo and passionate Scorpio. Virgo will be lucky to have such a strong partner like Scorpio, but Scorpio will thank you to take care of Virgo and appreciate her calm and friendly disposition. Of all the representatives of the water element only sensitive man born under the sign of Pisces, will not be able to accept petty and critical nature of Virgo.


So, which zodiac sign is suitable maiden? The perfect partner for women Virgo will be a man born under the sign of Capricorn or Taurus. It is not necessary to have a relationship with a male Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces. All chances to create lasting Union with female Virgins have with men – Rams, lions, Maidens, Scales, Scorpions, and Crayfish.

Advice 2: What's the sign for a man-Capricorn

The man born under the sign of Capricorn, has an incredible ambition. It is prudent and can be very severe. In marriage he is a supporter of traditional family values. Often the representatives of this Zodiac sign are trying to cover up his gentle, vulnerable nature of the hard shell. To create a family and choice of friends Capricorn is serious and responsible. Random people in his life not the place.
What's the sign for a man-Capricorn

Love and romance

The Capricorn man – Taurus woman. These two are made for each other. Full understanding and provides a solid Foundation for strong families. They will continually develop and improve each other over time, their much closer. Beautiful and strong Alliance for years to come.

Male Capricorn female Leo. This Alliance of two strong personalities. A happy marriage is possible if both partners will make concessions and will treat each other with respect and understanding.

Male Capricorn female Virgo. Virgo brings their relationship is a constant novelty and helps the Capricorn to relax and to open my soul and heart. A good psychological relationship and strong family relationships.

Male Capricorn female Libra. If they've developed feelings, then this couple must endure many trials to be together. A male Capricorn will balance the unstable emotional state of a woman that will contribute to their mutual spiritual development. Marriage can be a long and happy, but full harmony of these two goals will become extremely difficult.

Male Capricorn female Sagittarius. It is the Union of the two lovers, that will be very difficult in family life. Capricorn and Sagittarius are simply created in order to experience the most vivid and unforgettable romantic adventure, but nothing more.

The Capricorn man – Capricorn woman. They completely fit each other. They have full compatibility and understanding. They share common interests, their goals coincide. A strong and long Union that can be born happy kids.

Friendship and business relations

Capricorn and Taurus. These signs share similar concerns, interests and priorities in life. Two of the materialist, they will always find common cause. In business this is a great and fruitful Union. Love to work and responsible attitude firmly unites representatives of these signs.

Capricorn and Gemini. In business relationships this is one of the best options. A talented performer Twin and a wise leader Capricorn - it is in this ratio you can achieve good results in work.

Capricorn and Cancer. Their position in life is largely similar. In friendship they complement each other. The realism of Capricorn directs the creative Cancers in the right direction. In business, everything develops successfully, if Capricorn plays the role of the leader, and Cancer to its agent.

Capricorn and Virgo. The friendship between these two characters will develop well. They have so much in common in all spheres of life, their Outlook on life. Such friendships can last a lifetime. In business this is a very effective and durable Union of two equal professionals.

Capricorn and Libra. Business can develop a constructive relationship. Together they are able to sign any contract. Diplomatic Libra and a tough Manager Capricorn.

Capricorn and Scorpio. They can be friends. This is a solid Union where everyone can come to the aid of each. Unites their joint goal, and the leisure time they spend together is very interesting. In business this tandem is almost impossible to resist no matter who the captain. They complement each other.

Capricorn and Aquarius. The work provided a strong partnership. Innovation and fresh ideas of Aquarius will be in demand cold and pragmatic Capricorn. It is the Union of the inventor–theorist and leader–practice.

Capricorn and Pisces. In friendship these two will become a reliable support for each other. Fish are always ready to help in difficult times and to heal the wounds of Capricorn, and that, in turn, may cause Fish practical support. Business relations develop harmoniously. Fish are simply irreplaceable, when the Capricorn will need to establish business relationships and create a positive image for the firm.

Advice 3: What's the sign for a man-lion

For those who believe in astrology, she became an assistant and Advisor in making important decisions, including the choice of its second half. If a man born under the sign of Leo, he wants to find a life partner that will become for him not only beloved, but also a friend and associate. Although, following the path of reasonable compromise, a lion can reach an understanding with the representative of any Zodiac sign.
What's the sign for a man-lion

The male lion and the representatives of spring and summer signs of the Zodiac

The lion is the most Regal among the signs of the Zodiac, and, of course, he wants to be the leader in the relationship. One of the most favourable can become a Union with a female Aries. Since the Aries woman is wisdom and spiritual tact, it will yield to the lion, the coveted right to lead.

It is much harder to build a relationship between Leo and Taurus. But if the Taurus woman will always admire him and will not openly challenge his leadership, their Union can take place.

The perfect companion for the man-Lion will be the female Twin. These signs have almost total compatibility and full understanding.

Not ideal, but possible Alliance between a male Lion and a female Cancer. Gentle, caring and very homely woman with Cancer will be for the Lion's beautiful wife. However, the claims of a Lion on the absolute leadership may not like Cancer.

A Lion and a Lioness General Outlook on life and a full understanding, but they both claim to leadership and full authority in the family, but because their marriage can become a endless battle.

A male lion and women autumn and winter signs of the Zodiac

A good can be a Union between a male Lion and a female Virgin. He immediately will take the lead and she will create for it a cosiness. If the lion will not behave too arrogant, but the maiden refuses recriminations and moralistic in his address, they will be able to achieve harmony in the relationship.

The compatibility of the man-Lion and female Scales. Leo will become the head of the family, and Libra – a wonderful homemaker.

The Union between a Lion and a Scorpion is a constant struggle. At the same time, struggle is a normal condition for both characters. So, as strange as it may seem, the Union of a male Lion and a female Scorpion can be successful.

Pretty high compatibility of a man-Lion with a female Sagittarius. But the natural frivolity of the Sagittarius could destroy this very favorable Union.

Leo and Capricorn is, above all, intellectual Union. They better find a common language in business and social relationships, but wealthy married couple, they are unlikely to create.

Despite the fact that a male lion and Aquarius woman can often quarrel among themselves, their Union, most often, is long and harmonious.

It could be very successful and the Union of a male Lion and female Fish. Soft Fish will raise up for Lion pedestal on top of which he will enjoy power and recognition, and his heart is filled with gratitude to a loving and understanding friend.

So say the stars, but love and understanding between loving people primarily depend on them.
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