When you choose a wedding date according to the horoscope, do not assume that you will be able to determine a specific date, i.e. the day and month. You can learn only those periods in which more probability is to marry well. And more precisely you can hardly identify even the most professional astrologer. Such period may be not alone. Importantly, to to appointed time you were free and ready to start a new relationship leading to marriage.
To determine auspicious for the wedding period, you need to make an astrological forecast, and portrait. As a rule, the basis for them is taken to be the date of birth of the prospective bride. Then, according to the laws of astrology, all the data are arranged in sequence and a line connecting them. In this structure, it is already possible to seek answers to the marriage questions. For example, and on whom the sign of the zodiac needs to be your potential partner.
Compatibility horoscopes - another important detail when choosing astrological wedding date. If you already have a permanent partner with whom you are going to bind your life, check which days the Moon will be in a more favourable position for you. Select the date according to the Lunar calendar - the event is very important. We know that this luminary is only 2-3 days is in the phase of a zodiac sign. And date of the wedding need to choose in those days, when the Moon is in an acceptable position for you and for your partner. Here again the work begins for astrologers - they need to correctly calculate these two or three days.
You can go simplified way and just compare the horoscopes for compatibility of one sign with another. This will come in handy if you are in search of a partner. Better then just choose a suitable person. And once you find it, calculate your ideal wedding date to any of the above ways.