As the date of birth to calculate the compatibility?

With the help of numerology the date of birth you can learn very easily the compatibility of the partners. Enough to add up the numbers that are included in it, to get a number from 1 to 9. Let's say you were born 9.03.1987 years, and your partner 20.02.1990. If you add up the number, you get:

9.03.1987=9+0+3+1+9+8+7=37=10=1+0=1 (that's her number)
20.02.1990=2+0+0+2+1+9+9+0=23=2+3=5 (its a number)

Now 1 (digit) + 5 (his number) = 6

The total number of pairs is 6. The result of the calculation of compatibility by date of birth you must look at the symbols.

The results of the counting

1 – Pair needs to work together, as they are able to help each other to develop further. But do not forget that one – the figure of the leader. Therefore, partners can often arise disputes, quarrels, scandals. If one person learns to obey the other, the gap is inevitable.

2 - People communicate with each other just because it suits them – together they get a good profit. In principle, not bad for a couple that wants to live in abundance and maintain their own business. But the romance will have to forget.

3 – If the result of the calculation of marriage compatibility by date of birth – three, that people should preserve among themselves a friendly relationship, as their family will fall apart rather quickly because of the coldness, frequent betrayals of one partner to the other (or both).

4 – Very good compatibility. Family get prosperous, the relationship will be sincere and spiritually enriched. The only negative is that the couple will not be able to increase their capital.

5 – a Passionate Union in which partners deliver to each other a lot of pleasant moments. It was built on love. But 5 is the number of egoists. Therefore, if people do not learn to listen to each other, they diverge. Otherwise you can build a happy marriage, which will always be wealth and respect each other.

6 – in a couple long, built on partnership, peace, friendship and mutual assistance. Scandals in the family will happen very rarely. Even if the feelings fade, you will remain a support to each other.

7 – If the count of compatibility by date of birth had it figure it out, it means that a pair of rampant harmonious relationship. Partners can agree among themselves, sharing both material and family problems. Excellent compatibility.

8 – non-standard relationship in which people like much attracted to each other, they push each other to further development. But it only takes one child to another suspect in the selfish use of his senses, would be a huge scandal. This pair needs to learn to be flexible relative to each other, then they will succeed.

9 – a pair of Philosophical or even we can say perfect, if the material goods she's all right. But one has only to falter the financial well-being, as people will start to curse each other, and then parted. To put this right, one partner must assume the majority of household problems.

As you can see, to calculate your compatibility by date of birth is not so difficult. Just remember that everything depends on you. If you try to save your relations with the partner, support her in everything, to love and to cherish, everything will be fine.