Advice 1: How to know the status by date of birth

The figures and numbers we pay a lot of attention. Even those who do not believe in numerology, still trying to avoid the 13 rooms in hotels, believe that a lucky ticket in the bus will bring good luck, choose date of wedding with a happy date. Magical believe and date of birth. After all, nothing is more human than the desire to know their fate.
How to know the status by date of birth
In the days of Ancient Babylon, the people were endowed with special significance. For example, the person whose number is two, was considered susceptible, weak, passive. The importance of paid and numerology Pythagoras, the famous ancient mathematician.
In order to learn their fate by the date of birth, we will need the full birth date, for example 25.05.2008.
Next, we sequentially add up the first numbers, dates of birth, then month, year. That is: 2+5=7, 0+5=5, 2+0+0+8=10.
Now you add together the resulting numbers: 7+5+10=22. The result should be the number having its own characteristics in numerology.
So interpreting the results:
1 – people whose number one being good climbers, the first place they work. These people make good leaders because they are born leaders.
2 – this is the contact people for them the main thing – communication. For them, a great pleasure to be with people, to help them. People twos is quite simple to manipulate, because they are ready to help at any time, throwing all his Affairs.
3 – talented, cheerful, communicative, talented people. The main problem with "threes" is a superficial attitude to life. They always prefer leisure to work and the saying "Old friends are best" - not about them.
4 – in contrast with "three" terrible workaholics. Always on the first place for them to work, and then family. People this number, like to obey, to execute orders. Their responsibility and ability to work are of genuine respect.
5 – these people are fickle, they constantly change their preferences. They are completely devoid of self-organization, so the control won't hurt them. Otherwise, the target will disappear before it even formed.
6 – the representatives of this number are calm, balanced, love to learn. They are able to sacrifice everything for the family and loved one.
7 – the great mystics, they are in constant search of secret knowledge. They were mages, sorcerers, psychologists. However, they can easily become victims of different kinds of sects.
8 – business to the bone. This is a great financial analysts, experts in marketing. They are lucky in everything that concerns money. But remember, these people are being overly stingy.
9 – spiritual self-improvement – that's their purpose. The material world is not for them.
11 – the most protected from outside interference people. Very strong, self-confident, they nevertheless are very attached to their loved ones.
22 – those who over designed to change our world for the better. It is the guru, the teacher of mankind, is able to penetrate into the essence of things. Among them, many politicians, religious leaders.
To control your destiny, knowing your strengths and weaknesses it's possible, you only need to want it. Remember this and be victorious.
If from nature we have gotten a bit difficult to hope that even the most successful destiny will achieve something special, and if a lot of your life is challenging (fate, after all!), but it's interesting. And everything depends, as a very long been found numerology, from our special time of birth - the date of our birth. From those figures, of which it is composed.
Useful advice
With numbers we encounter at every step, they accompany us from birth till his last days. Without them we can not imagine his life. In Vedic numerology Destiny Number - this number is derived from adding the numbers of your birth date, month and year, called in Western numerology the number of Life. Destiny number - this is what you were sent to Earth and what you should do.

Advice 2: How to determine the fate of a man

Everyone quite often think about whether there is fate. Someone wants to know events in advance or try to plan your life and someone is skeptical. No matter to which of the above consider yourself you possibilities to determine the fate of a person quite a lot.
How to determine the fate of a man
Type in any Internet search engine the phrase 'the Fate of man and the moles', 'Professional fortune-teller, fate' or 'Palmistry'; or go to the nearest bookstore and read the backs of books standing on the shelves 'Astrology, magic, fortune-telling' - you will see that ways to learn the destined events abound. Try to delve into each of the available options - the more methods you will experience, the more precise the result will get better and will develop a shared picture of the future.
With the help of palmistry (or, scientifically, dermatoglyphics) you will learn the destiny, exploring the intricate lines (folds of skin) on the palms. All the six lines: life, head, heart, liver, fate and sun. Learning to 'read' their intersection, you will reveal in your future.
To determine the fate of you and the moles. On the body of any person has at least a few of these spots throughout life they change, appear and disappear. By their location on the body and form you will learn about his fate. You will need only a guide-book to know about moles and more.
Date of birth also plays in predicting the fate of a certain role, albeit small. Try to use this and other minor, but the complete picture (or, often clarifying) methods: mystery of its own name, memorable or significant past actions (karma), fingerprints, and some others.
Refer to the tarragon. Prediction by Tarot cards are among the most accurate. By this method it is possible to know the answers to almost all questions in life. It is a large system developed over the years. To learn the method alone is very difficult. But to find a personwho is familiar with the Tarot can be in almost any city.
To trust the fate of the fortune-tellers - their knowledge is not confined to one book purchased in a store or a couple of articles read on the Internet. Use the services of a predictor in that case, if you yourself can't understand the meaning of the lines on the hand, the previously held events in your life or the location of the moles on your body. The assistance of such an expert is not free, however you will get a more detailed result from a professional, rather than try to understand the definition of fate themselves.
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