As a rule, in the first stage of development of relations between male and female sexual desire plays a decisive role. Why sexual compatibility of partners is determined by the most just after the first physical intimacy.
Compatibility in love, of course, very important, because without it, we cannot achieve emotional and intimate harmony. However, it does not guarantee understanding and a good joint to overcome the difficulties of life.
If because of misunderstandings you are constantly in a state of war and your strife cease only in bed, try to determine your compatibility on other levels of the relationship.
Take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. In the left column, list all the traits of your partner which cause you irritation, and the right features that you like.
Determination of the compatibility of the characters is that now you need to decide what the characteristic features of your partner more – you or irritate you like. Oh, just think of the negative aspects of the character of the partner you are willing to tolerate and which not, in this case, note that in the process of conducting the test important is your subjective assessment.
For example, for most people, the reason for the breakup is unlikely to be the fact that your partner continually forgets to close the tube of toothpaste. But the presence of pathological greed partner – a reason to think. Although, if you prefer austerity, this trait can turn you into a plus.
This test is particularly well together with a partner and then compare results.
The main component of a successful relationship between a man and a woman is the psychological compatibility. To define it in the following way. Draw on paper the scale of your values in descending order, placing the first item matters most to you in life (family, money or career etc.). Then list on paper the responsibilities of each of the spouses and their political views. Ask your partner to do the same and compare the results.
Compatible men and women in this case is not determined by complete coincidence on all points (which is unlikely), and their similarity. For example, it is good when partners give priority in the life of one and the same thing. But if one partner is important in life – career, and for another family, we can say that this is a ready ground for disagreement. Also the reason for the confusion are the different views on responsibilities of spouses, and sometimes even the socio-political situation in the country.
An important role in a successful partnership is the relationship compatibility - the ability of men and women maintain the family budget, to interact effectively in the process of making money and their use.
On affiliate incompatibility can specify, for example, different views on spending money. To check partner's compatibility in this matter, try to plan a family budget, and then compare it with the one that made your partner. Rate the rationality of the estimated spending budget of the partner and compare them with their ideas about the costs involved.