Composed of cucumbers has such an interesting substance-kukurbitatsin. The quantity of this substance in different varieties of cucumber leads to bitterness. This bitterness is always present in the varieties. Modern hybrids of bitterness, almost none. Breeding of cucumber far stepped forward. The market today a great many hybrid varieties that have no bitterness. Breeders have learned to "extract" it. Is it good? For consumers, Yes. For plants not. The fact that the bitterness and damage spider mites cucumber plants are interrelated. The less bitterness in plants -will be more pests on the leaves.

One thing remains –give your plants the perfect growing conditions.

He loves cucumber? Cucumbers –sissies. They need a lot of sun and moisture.

Cold, heavy, sour soil is not for them.

Do not plant cucumbers in shaded areas.

Make organic.

Not thickening landings.

In hot dry weather watering provide not only beds but also tracks.

Do not water with cold water.

The bitterness appears in the fruit, when there is a stressful situation,

Cold, very dry soil, low, and sometimes, on the contrary, too high temperature in dry Sunny weather, lead to the fact that fruit development is delayed. And is 8 to 12 days necessary for growth of the fruit of the ovary, since pollination is more. These fruits will be bitter