Advice 1: Why pickled cucumbers are soft

At any time of year, but especially in winter, crunchy pickles will be a fine snack and complement to a variety of hot dishes. However, the taste of cucumber lives up to expectations.
Why pickled cucumbers are soft
It happens that the pickles out of the new banks lose their usual taste and structure. They are soft. Such a situation is not just very upset Housewives. They raises the main question: why did this happen?

The main reasons that cucumbers become soft

Among the various causes of disturbance of pickles, there are several basic. For example, too much garlic added to the jar when pickling.
Too little salt is also one of the reasons of softening of cucumbers.

Not too thoroughly cleaned the banks selected for harvesting cucumbers in the winter, can also lead to undesirable consequences – the vegetables will become soft. The same thing can happen if you do not pay special attention to the honesty of cucumbers, which are subjected to pickling. It is advisable to wash the prepared vegetables several times and then soak in water for a while.

Carefully watch the time of pasteurization when marinating cucumbers. First, the temperature of the water in which is heated cans filled with pickles and spices should not exceed 90oC. And secondly, it is necessary to observe the time of pasteurization. So, for liter jars, it is 10 minutes, and for the three-liter – 15.

In the marinade, always add vinegar. Thanks contained in its structure acid, the cucumbers become crisp and durable.
If you use 70%the second of vinegar just add 1 tsp to a glass jar of marinade.
Insufficient amount of vinegar or improper concentration of the acid may be one of the reasons of softening of the fruit.

A great influence on the end result of pickling cucumbers is having the correct variety of vegetables. Typically, there are cucumber salad and canning. Salad - have a delicate thin skin. When marinating, it may be the reason that the vegetables soften.

Improper storage jars with the workpiece also affects the quality of pickled vegetables. Granite cucumbers in a cool place such as a cellar or refrigerator, they will remain crisp and strong.

How to choose cucumbers for pickling

As mentioned above, it is necessary to pay attention to a variety of vegetables. It is important that the size of cucumbers, which you will lay out the banks. Give preference to smaller instances of approximately the same length. Better suited to short varieties of cucumbers.

Advice 2: How to pickle cucumbers to crispy

Traditionally with the beginning of the first harvest of country Housewives start to pickle cucumbers for the winter. They were crispy and delicious, you should pay attention to some subtleties of the process of marinating.
Pickling cucumbers to crispy, very easy
You will need
  • - 2-3 kg of fresh cucumbers;
  • a few umbrellas of dill;
  • - the leaves of horseradish;
  • - a few sprigs of tarragon and black currant;
  • - black pepper;
  • - garlic;
  • - rock salt;
  • - vinegar;
  • several 3-liter jars and lids for closing.
Before you start pickling cucumbers and make them crunchy, tasty and healthy, it is important to properly prepare the vegetables. Collect about 2-3 pounds fresh cucumbers small size (as a rule, the thinner, the more succulent will be the crunch). Rinse them under cold water from the tap, then fill the basin with water, place the vegetables and soak for 4-6 hours. Then re-rinse them, trim the ends on both sides and put to dry on a clean cloth.
Prepare the appropriate number of three-liter jars, rinse them with water with soap or soda and sterilize in the oven for 10 minutes. Allow the glass container to cool, then tilt, putting on a clean towel. Proceed to the preparation of the brine (in separate containers). Each of the cans will need 2 liters of liquid and 4 tablespoons of salt and 2 tablespoons vinegar (cucumbers marinated better and become crispy). Boil for 3-5 minutes, then let cool.
Place each of the cans (still empty) under one umbrella of dill and a sprig of tarragon, 3-5 cloves of garlic and 3-4 leaves of black currant. Add a half-sheet of horseradish and a few young leaves of cherry. Start to lay the cucumbers in banks so that they were upright and tightly pressed against each other. From the top at a slight incline put the second row of cucumbers and cover it with a handful of diced garlic, extra umbrella of dill and a sprig of tarragon. Make the last row, adding extra dill and sheet hell. Pour the cooled brine (if you just pour hot, it will have no salt, and salted cucumbers). Cover the jars and leave to digested for 2 days at room temperature.
Pour the remaining brine into a clean pan and re-boil for 3-5 minutes. Cucumbers without removing it from the cans, rinse with water, removing the white patches. Pour hot brine to the banks, add one fresh umbrella dill, a few peas black pepper and roll up (cover you need to pre-boil 15 minutes). Flip the banks and put to cool on a towel. Cooled containers should be store in a cool time. Now you know how to pickle cucumbers so they were crispy.
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