Cucumbers – vegetable quite painful, and if time does not take measures to protect them, then the crop can be forgotten. Most importantly in this difficult matter – an accurate diagnosis of the disease, because, as people say, the military – need to know your enemy in the face. So, what are the main diseases that affect cucumbers.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is called plaque in white, which usually tends to be formed on the upper side of the leaves. This is a very serious disease and if not in time to take the necessary measures, small spots that are the first symptoms of powdery mildew, in a short time will cover the leaves of the plant.

In order to destroy the "enemy", it is necessary to prepare a mixture of chalk and colloidal sulphur (two to one), then this solution thoroughly spray the plants. For the most effective prevention of the disease should stir 100 grams of liquid soap and 7 grams of copper sulphate in 10 liters of water. The mixture should be watered cucumbers during the week – every day once.

White rot

The cause of white rot may become untimely removal of the old leaves of the plant. The first symptoms are: white patches, the plant felt soft and slippery. In order to heal the plant, it is necessary to spray it with a solution of copper sulphate (5 grams per liter of water). It is important that all infected plant parts should be removed.

Watering cucumbers with cold water may cause another disease – root rot, the symptoms of which is the gradual darkening and wilting of the stem. Excellent prevention of this disease – daily watering with a solution of Previsora" (German drug, sold in stores such as "gardening"). Watering should be done in the next two weeks.


A symptom of this disease can be small specks of yellow on the stems and leaves, or pink sores on the cucumbers. To overcome the disease – prepare a mixture of copper oxychloride or 1% Bordeaux fluid and water (40 grams per bucket) and thoroughly sprayed. It should be noted that in addition to cucumbers, Anthracnose infects other vegetable crops such as watermelon, pumpkin, and melon.


Bacteriosis are called angular spots and sores brown color, which affects the leaves and fruits of plants. For the treatment of bacterial you can use a solution of Bordeaux liquid, copper sulphate or a special drug "fitosporin". If cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, it is necessary to maintain the temperature regime - not less than 25-30 degrees. After harvesting, infected plants should be burned or thoroughly dig over the soil.


In order to get rid of the so-called mosaic, it is necessary in spring and autumn to disinfect the soil with a solution of copper sulphate. If, however, there were signs of the mosaic (as a rule, the disease attacks young leaves, so that they acquire the characteristic wrinkled and swollen appearance), you should destroy the diseased plants. For the prevention of disease is necessary to periodically spray the plants skim milk. In order to completely get rid of the mosaic, you need to plant those varieties of cucumbers that are immune from this disease. Such varieties are: Fix, oktopus, Pasamonte, Pasadena, Pasulko.