Warhammer "Horus Heresy"

This series talks about the distant future of mankind, where there is a "Great crusade" to conquer the lost human colonies in space. Leads his chosen son of the Emperor of mankind, Horus, named his father "Master of War". But here begins a war of the gods and the great betrayal. Besides him, the books in this series also describes the adventures and battles of Primakov other legions during these events.

"The rise of Horus" - this book should be read very first. It tells the story of Primark Legion "Lunar wolves" Chorus and it's way to the top.

"False gods" - next the book tells about the death of Horus and the seduction of his soul to the Dark gods, after which he rebels against the Emperor.

"Galaxy in flames" - this book is about the attempt to pacify the rebellion of Horus loyal legions of space Marines. On the planet Istvaan 3 will be a great battle from which one will emerge victorious and begin the triumphant March to Terra.

Flight of the Eisenstein" - tells the story of soldier of the Legion "death Guard" and his attempt to break through to Terra to inform the Emperor about the treachery of Horus.

"Fulgrim. Images of betrayal" - a book devoted to the transition of the Legion "Emperor's Children" on the side of Horus and the capture of his soul Primaria a Chaos demon.

"Descent of Angels" - tells the story of the Legion "Dark angels".

"Legion" is a book dedicated to the "alpha Legion" and tells of his path to the side of Heresy.

"Mechanicum" - the story of the schism and the war during the "the Horus Heresy" on the world-the forge of Mars, inside the mysterious brotherhood "Adeptus mekhanikus".

"A thousand Sons" is a book about the eponymous Legion, the Primarch who tried to warn the Emperor about the treachery of Horus, and on his way to Heresy.

"The first heretic" - a book devoted to the Legion "word bearers", which first came under the power of the Dark gods and seduced "Masters of War".

"Butcher's nails" is a story about the madness that engulfed Primaria "eaters of worlds", and its transformation into a demonic creature standing on the side of Horus.
It's not all the books in this series. Constantly come out with new works that reveal a hitherto unknown side of this massive space epic.

Warhammer "Ultramarines"

This series tells of the battles of the warriors of the Ultramarines Chapter against Chaos and Tyranids.

The "vertical of power" - the first story, which begins the adventures of the heroes.

"Soldiers Ultramar" - the story about the confrontation of warriors of the world Ultramar hordes of tyranids are a strange race followed the biological way of development and feed on any organic life.

"Black sun" - lost in space Ultramarines fall into a demonic world ruled by the Legion of "Iron soldiers" and there is a perpetual civil war.

Warhammer "Iron warriors"

"Iron storm" - a book-a prequel, telling about how the main anti-hero of the story "Black sun" - Honshu - became one of the lords of the iron warriors.

"Iron warrior" - a continuation of the book "Black sun", which captures Honshu space fortress Ultramarines and releases a powerful demon.

Warhammer "Gregor, Eisenhorn"

In addition to these, there are less well-known series of Warhammer books, such as "Space wolf", "Bearing the Word," "lords of the Night", "Ravenor", "Gaunt's Ghosts" or "Dark Eldar".

Trilogy dedicated to the struggle of the Inquisitor of Eisenhorn with heretics and followers of alien cults.

"Ordo xenos" Inquisitor leads the hunt for the legacy of a nearly extinct alien race in which he opposed the space Marines Chaos.

"Ordo Malleus" - the story about the confrontation of Eisenhorn dark forces on the planet of the Qadi.

"The Ordo Hereticus" - the story about hunting the Inquisitor a heretic for trying to free an ancient demon.