On the insoles

The arch support is an orthotic therapeutic product. Therefore, you need to pick it up individually for each person after consultation of orthopedist, which will determine the selection criteria.

Prescribed wearing shoes with arch supports for flat feet or to prevent it, and sometimes after severe injuries of the lower leg or foot. Themselves podsledniki can be made of different materials having shock-absorbing properties: leather, plastic, rubber, or cork.

Most often, speaking about the insoles, people mean just children's shoes. Because in the process of formation of the foot of the baby there are often a variety of deformation. And the main role of the supinator in this case, to maintain the muscles and to steer them toward a proper development. If the baby's foot is normally formed and the doctor gives recommendations to wear special orthopedic shoes, arch support on the insole not needed, because it will only interfere with the natural development of the muscles. Assign crumbs insoles with arch supports not.

How to choose shoes with arch support

Buying baby orthopedic shoes, keep in mind that it can take for growth. The fact that the function of arch support — is to maintain the internal area of the foot. But if the shoes don't fit, podsednik will be out of place. In this case he not only can perform its positive role in shaping a child's foot, but it hurt.

Please note that the arch support used for the prevention of flat feet, should not be too hard and high, because in this case the arch of the foot will continually rely on the substrate and the muscles that support it in the tone, begin to weaken. This, in turn, will lead to the formation of longitudinal flat.

Orthopedic shoes should firmly and securely hold the foot, ie, have lacing or tight clasp. Also important hard, securing the heel, heel.

Currently, the manufacturers preventive shoes prefer using anatomic insoles. They are not trying to make a hard, clearly distinguished the instep. Anatomicheski is achieved by making the recesses for the heels and calculations for internal and external arches of the foot. As a result, the foot is properly positioned in the Shoe, and this ensures the prevention of flatfoot.

Flat feet is a serious disease. People suffering from them, can't stand long, walk long distances without feeling pain in my legs. So try as early as possible to prevent its development, and if it arose – give preference to shoes with arch supports.