Soft Slippers-ballet flats

Main training Shoe ballerina - a ballerina or ballet Slippers, soft Slippers, fixed on the foot with elastic. Ballet shoes made of cotton fabric, but have a reinforced heel and the insole that supports the arch of the foot. The sole is made of nonslip material. In this Shoe are daily lessons-classes in ballet schools. Them girls do the exercise at the Barre and in the middle of the hall. Ballet flats come in different colors, but classic dancing are more commonly used white. This Shoe differs in the finishes - have gym shoes with reinforced leather toe fused or a split sole.

Usually pupils choose shoes based on their feelings. ballet flats are quite cheap and are a kind of consumable material - intensive classes, they wear out and become useless in just a couple of weeks. An experienced teacher can determine how well does the dancer just looked at her gym shoes. For example, when severe obstruction of the foot wears away the inner part of the Shoe, and the correct statement of the feet suggests the aged deterioration only in the region of the toe. Novice dancers are sometimes advised to use in training special soft Pointe shoes, a cross between ballet flats and Pointe shoes usual.
Pick the ballet shoes should be strictly for the foot, they should not be free.

Pointe shoes professional shoes ballerinas

The name of this Shoe comes from the expression "to stand on Pointe," which means that at your finger tips. Later position title is passed and the shoes. On Pointe is not involved in all dancers, and professionals. In ballet schools, girls fall into the fingers just after 10-11 years, when the skeleton is more or less formed. Pointe shoes are quite expensive, because each pair is made by hand. However, these shoes require frequent replacement, especially prima ballerinas. During one show, they change a few pairs of Pointe.
In addition to the size, Pointe shoes vary in fullness, height and stiffness.

Pointe shoes keep the foot through the insole and rigid penny - toe on which the dancer. Before wearable shoes in a special way prepared - sew tape and break plaster toe Pointe. Every performing artist has his secrets for training shoes - someone breaks the insole, someone trims the sole, and someone panels satin toe, and leather. Speakers ballerinas have their shoes on every batch of performance in which they dance.