You will need
  • - pumpkin seeds;
  • - med;
  • - laxative;
  • "Neosol or Canexel";
  • - "Niclosamide" or Fenasal";
  • - "Praziquantel".
For getting rid of tapeworms take 300 grams of dried pumpkin seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder. Add to the mixture 5 tablespoons of honey. In the morning on an empty stomach eat entire mixture, after 3 hours take any laxative, such as 2 tablets Regulars" or 1 tablet (10 mg) "Bisacodyl". You can eat only after the chair. The course of treatment is 3 days.
Take 500 grams of crude seeds of a pumpkin (for children up to 5 years - 100 g, 5-7 years – 200 g, 7 to 10 years - 300 g), chop and pour boiling water in the ratio 1:2 (one part seeds to two parts water). The resulting mixture was put for 2 hours in a water bath. Then strain and drink on an empty stomach in the morning for half an hour. After 2 hours take any laxative. The course of treatment 3 days.
Purchase a pharmacy extract of male fern. Before the procedure of the expulsion of the tapeworms take a saline laxative (1 tablespoon artificial carlsbad salt, 2 tablespoons of sulphate of sodium). In the morning on an empty stomach take fern extract 1 capsule (500 mg) every 5 minutes, squeezed small amounts of water, for half an hour. You should take 6 capsules. Then again, drink a laxative. If after 3 hours, the intestine is not emptied, then put an enema. Repeat the procedure twice at intervals of 10-12 days.
Take the "Neosol or Canexel", 1 tablet (400 mg) after meals for 3 days. If necessary, repeat treatment in 3 weeks. Children dose is based on 6 mg for every kilogram of weight.
Take Niclosamide" or Fenasal" 2-3 grams per night. In the morning on an empty stomach take 1 gram, and after 5 hours, any laxative. Children under 3 years of daily dose is 500 mg, 3-5 years – 1 g 5-12 years – 1.5 g ie 2/3 dose let's at night and 1/3 in the morning. The tablets should be chewed or dissolved in water. Dose was repeated after 4 weeks if necessary.
Take once Praziquantel at the dose of 25 mg per kilogram of body weight. Children up to 4 years the drug is contraindicated.