Unlikely to meet such a girl who has never wondered what guys like in girls. Of course, there is no generic algorithm to adjust for that your appearance, behavior and character, can turn into revived the dream of everyone of the millions of young people. However, there are some General trends.

What features of appearance like boys, or men love with their eyes

The attractive appearance of the girl is very important for men, and those young people who claim otherwise is disingenuous. Someone like tall brunettes with curvaceous, and someone- a small, blond girl. However, each young person first of all pays attention to the proportions of the female figure. It is not so important that its parameters equal to the notorious 90-60-90. But it is precisely those women whose waist size is about 2/3 of the volume of the thighs, are the most attractive for the vast majority of men.

The following caveat in the girl's appearance who wants to be attractive is its proper execution, namely, harmoniously picked-up and clothes. As for the makeup, he in any case should not be too bright if he's not on the stage. Men find girls wearing overly vulgar and often do not take them seriously. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of a woman and hide her flaws. It is important not so much to maximally expose its even the perfect body, how to leave the man for imagination. If a young man sees a female leg, only flashed in the slit of the long skirt, it intrigues him and makes you fantasize about what is underneath is hidden.

The behavior of the girls which boys like

As for how we should behave to please the young man, here tip one – be yourself. You should not imitate the on-screen images, because 9 times out of 10 it looks pathetic and ridiculous. Do not try to be "my Board", because most guys perceive a girl as "bro" and not as a potential partner. In no case do not zemannite and not swear is a repulsive force on young people.

What girls like guys? Those who see a guy, especially a human. They can listen and support it, to feed and warm. Every young person will aspire to a girl it is good, cozy and comfortable. No special skills are needed, just love and respect her man.