The first thing to highlight common mistakes to avoid when choosing clothes. It is not recommended to choose the clothes with horizontal lines, checkered pattern, large patterns. All this makes the figure look more real, will aggravate it. Unwanted jerseys, outfits made of thick fabrics casual. In addition, it is important to remember that big hair and big hats growth did not increase. The only thing they will do will break the harmony of the proportions. Also contraindicated to wear cropped tops.
The little girl gives the best fit to the fitted silhouettes of the clothing and vertical lines. The basic wardrobe should be to accentuate the curves of the figures sheath dress. In addition it is worth to buy bodycon dress with high waist, short slim coat and skirt with slit. You should pay attention to the narrow women's trousers. They will look great in a set with a tunic and shoes with heels.
You need to remember that light colored clothing and shiny fabrics visually complete, make the figure shorter and also wider. Do not buy shoes with too high heels. Huge stud will not pull the figure, but rather will add disproportionate.
A woman with small growth it is important to carefully choose accessories. Indeed, at first glance insignificant details may spoil or, conversely, greatly improve the overall impression. Jewelry should be minimum. Avoid wide belts, big bags. "Friends" undersized women's long beads, a small oblong pendants on delicate chains, light earrings, slim belts.