In contrast, stunted boys who are a good fit the sport style clothes, tall guys should choose more formal outfits. For office work or an important celebration perfect classic suit. Better if it will be dark colors, as bright clothing enhances and requires special care. Slim tall men will go three-piece suit, and overweight – regular jacket and pants. Choose suits in pinstripe, the pattern to highlight or make slimmer your figure. It is advisable to buy a jacket with two slits at the back and on the trousers to make a subtle hands – such items will make your figure visually more attractive.
For Biking good simple straight pants or jeans. They should also be close to the classics in its style, without the extra rivets, sections or drawings. They can wear a bright t-shirt or shirt and vest. For more cold weather suit pullover or jacket. Choose clothes with pastel colors, since they are well suited to your style and will look elegant.
Cold autumn weather, tall men good long coat. Better if it is not fitted – this clothing is more suitable for the fairer sex. If you want to emphasize its slimness, buy dark gray coat herringbone. Full men to hide figure flaws will help outerwear black.
Do not buy for the winter a huge puffy down jacket, as do many men. It is better to choose a good sheepskin coat or jacket made of genuine leather with fur. Such clothing looks respectable and elegant and well suited for tall people.
When choosing shoes one should also give preference to the classics, but for a summer walk, you can buy sneakers. It is advisable to choose shoes with narrow toes and not be afraid that his feet are similar to flippers, as the undersized men. Round or square shoes visually make your legs just huge and shapeless.
The basic principle in selection of clothing for tall people – the pursuit of classical style and pastel shades. Remember that you are a man, not a child, and buy things that emphasize your elegance and elegance.