Spotted a shy girl is quite simple. She usually dressed modestly, not like bright makeup, interesting hairstyles prefers a primitive tail. Not many guys today ready to start a relationship with a representative of the gentle half of humanity. No matter how rich inner world she was still the first impression her appearance. This is the modest problem of women's reluctance to conform to the ideas of modern men.

Lovers of chastity

Really interested in modesty, can only be a winner of high morals. It needs to be brought up in the style of the building and adhere to all its tenets. That's the guy chooses the first date for life, then sexual partner. The trouble is that such lovers of chastity in our time is not very much. Morality is now valued much less than the external data. Therefore, modest girls are often looking older men, who already don't go on about basic instinct and looking for a faithful companion.

Adherents of certain religions

For centuries, a woman was considered the embodiment of wisdom, purity and faithfulness. Today, these ideas were preserved only in some religions. The most popular is Islam and Orthodoxy. Men, educated in the spirit of one and will seek a companion in accordance with these requirements. That's why shy girls have a huge chance to become the wife of the pious man.

Prude themselves very often are not priverzhenka some religion. They just brought up in a certain way, which today is not popular among young people. However, strictly adhering to the defined parent plants, shy girls have the chance to find a decent one.

Domestic tyrants

Shy girl can easily become a victim of a domestic tyrant. More often it is men, brought up in strict environments where the father was the dominant member of the family. They are subconsciously drawn to women who, because of their modesty will not be able to give back. In this representative of the weaker sex, the tyrant sees a potential victim, and therefore shy ladies still need to learn to respond to arrogant young people.

We shy girls are much more likely to successfully arrange a personal life than a cheeky person. The fact is that serious young people, and not those who are looking for a couple only for carnal pleasures, consciously pay attention to girls, all symbolizing chastity.