Increase in eye pressure

It often happens that the increased pressure in the eye triggers the destruction of cells, having a negative impact on the natural metabolic processes of the eyeball. This condition is very dangerous for the patient, because over time the normal functioning of the visual apparatus is changed. This can lead to the development of various diseases.

Often the increase of this index leads to the development of glaucoma. In this disease, as a rule, changing the angle of filtration of the eye. Initially, it narrows and can even close completely. Such signs of increasing pressure is accompanied by systematic pain inside the eye and reduced visual acuity.


There are several types of increased pressure inside the eye. Stable high blood pressure is permanent. This factor represents the greatest risk to human health. Labile pressure varies systematically with subsequent normalization of the situation. Such changes occur regularly. Type transient increase in eye pressure is caused by a short-term phenomenon. Over time it is returned to its normal optimal state.

Degenerative processes contribute to the irreversible changes in the structure of the visual system and a complete vision loss gradually progressing. The reasons for these phenomena can be a lot of excessive eye strain or hypertension, to nervous tension or stress. In addition, the root cause of the increase in eye pressure may be dysfunction of the genitourinary system or of heart failure in a patient.

Cause high eye pressure can also age-related changes in body or disorders of the endocrine system. Often the cause of such pathology may even become poisoned with chemicals.


Symptoms eye pressure is directly dependent on the intensity and regularity improve this indicator. With a slight changes in the external symptoms may not be present.

With growth abnormalities, the patient may experience minor headaches. They often occur in the temporal region. Also, there is fatigue and pain in the eyeball when moving.

Over time, the discomfort is felt when reading the fine print of printed materials or when working in front of computer monitor.

When the first symptoms of increased pressure in your eyes should immediately seek the advice of a qualified technician. Only a doctor can prescribe proper and necessary treatment.