Features of cataract

There are many different scientific theories, but, unfortunately, before the end of the "mechanism" of occurrence of this disease medicine is not known. And how long will the initial stage of cataract no one can tell.

Some sources stated very vaguely: "a cataract usually develops slowly. In other rash include even time - from one to three years." It is not so. The lens can completely become cloudy in a matter of months. And you can live for decades and die with cataract all in the same initial stage.

What insidious this disease? It does not cause any pain. People for a long time it can not be overlooked. Cataract may cause increased intraocular pressure and cause other terrible disease - glaucoma. Fully cloudy lens blocks the light rays and it is blind.

What to do? Any medicine cataracts cannot be cured, the drugs, alas, are not yet established. The only way out is the lens that became "milk", replace the transparent, artificial. Today, these surgeries are performed everywhere. But they do not guarantee recovery of vision. If, for example, the patient will not even see the light spot, there could be no clinic of eye microsurgery. It is important to detect the beginning of cataracts to at least slow down its development.

The first symptoms

They are very special. The fact that the crystalline lens becomes cloudy not all at once, and places. In cortical cataract the process begins on the edges, far from the pupil, and this for a long time does not affect the visual acuity.

If begins to thicken the Central portion of the lens, then there is a characteristic feature of nuclear cataracts: in the twilight of a man sees better than during the day. Day because of the bright sun, the pupil is narrow, and the light passes mainly through the blurred centre of the lens. And all around fuzzy, boundaries of objects are often blurry. Sometimes in the eyes of even double vision.

The night the pupil expands, and the rays penetrate a larger area of the lens to include the healthy part of it. But still over time the eyesight is becoming worse and worse. Meanwhile, another symptom: changes the colour of the pupil. It gradually brightens and when the lens is fully Mature, it becomes bluish-white.

Another primary symptom of a cataract: look at included light bulb or a street lamp. If a light source shines the rainbow halo is a classic sign of lens opacity. A halo is seen because part of the light rays is dissipated in it reaching the retina.

There are several indirect signs of impending cataract. And then I want to wipe the lenses of the glasses – it seems that they were dull. Or do you want to RUB your eyes, as they seemed to make some kind of shroud. Much worse vision at night. Light working table lamps have become so weak that the thought of buying more powerful bulbs.

Or: if one's eyes closed, the image in the open eye begins to see double. If, finally, the colors of the objects began to appear more dull and faded. It is likely that the cataract begins. But certainly it can be said only by an ophthalmologist.