Understanding in a relationship

The relationship between a guy and a girl mean: love, Dating, kisses and hugs, long conversations on the phone. You can smell a rat, if she stopped calling and texting. First you need to remember the recent events. Perhaps the girl was offended by some words or actions, and doesn't want to communicate. Women peculiar a long time to hold a grudge and not tell why. Helpful guy immediately recognize the discontent of the girl by one glance or gesture. This is much more difficult at the initial stage of Dating. Not texting, not calling and not answering your phone is a little revenge for inappropriate behavior guy.

Why the girl does not call

We should consider other banal reasons as to why the girl was lost from sight or calls. Maybe she's just nowhere to call, broken phone, stolen, blocked the sim-card, no money in the balance, accidentally deleted the room from the notebook, and the memory doesn't remember him. The person is not insured against such situations. Do not immediately panic, have to find another way to contact the girl to come to her home, to meet from work or after school, to learn about her life through mutual friends.

Sometimes girls don't want to hurt your boyfriend and not tell him in person about the breakup. This news is extremely unpleasant, and do not know how people will react. Therefore, ladies prefer to leave in English, to sever all ties with the young man and continue not to write and not to call. Such an act cannot be called honest. It is best to have the courage to go on a conversation with a guy. To be in limbo is the hardest part.

It is important to make the first move

She can not call because she was embarassed because she didn't want to take the first step. Movies about the knights compelled to mind the young ladies that they have to accept courting from the Cavaliers, to look at, and after a time, render its verdict. But such a policy is not always appropriate if the feeling is mutual. Why not make a step forward, if you really want it. None of this act will not point fingers, but rather that the girl is signalling its clear position in relation to the young man. No need to be afraid and ashamed to Express their feelings.