First we need to check – is there any icon that the network signal in General at the moment is, as is often the case that the chosen network is not supported by the operator. The necessary information can always be found in the settings. However, it may be that the cause must be sought and in the telephone.

The phone is not searching the network or has ceased to catch her

It may happen, failure of the amplifier, this refers to the power of the transmitter. When this problem occurs, it is necessary to replace components. Unfortunately, these works yourself to fail – you will need professional help. In this case, you may need to replace:

- power amplifier transmitter;
SIM card reader;
SIM connector;
SIM card holder;
controller, SIM card and others.

Lost network

A possible cause may be a defective radio. This device is quite complex, as it is connected to a large number of different elements. Therefore, to determine the cause and repair would be impossible. To learn the true cause of failure, it is necessary to conduct a complete diagnosis of the unit. You should consult a specialist who will not only help determine the cause, but also eliminates breakage.

The camera was not catching the network

This option presupposes damage to the antenna. This problem occurs quite often, since by itself, the antenna is quite fragile element of your phone and falling or strong shock deformation, which entails breakage. To solve this problem is to replace the antenna completely.

The network periodically lost

In most cases the culprit of the situation becomes the owner of the phone, as even a small amount of moisture trapped inside the device, can have a serious impact on his future work. It is necessary to conduct a complete diagnosis and identify the cause immediately and eliminate it. To delay this process, as moisture in the apparatus leads to the formation of corrosion.

The phone shows that the network and not looking for it at all

This option is available if you encounter problems with the software of the device, in other words there is a failure of the program of the apparatus. The way out of this situation will only serve to re-flash the device. It is important to consult a specialist as yourself to reflash the phone is unlikely.

To conduct a qualitative diagnosis, to identify the problem and repair the phone will help qualified professionals.