Start to understand, why she walks away from you right now. If you big fight before they broke up or there were no signs of trouble? There you have girls new young man or it goes "nowhere"? It is from the answers to these questions will depend on your future actions.

If the break you have with a girl had a quarrel, the conclusion in this situation is obvious – make it up. Find your favorite and sincerely apologize to her. Tell her about your feelings, admit that you would not want to lose her. A bouquet of flowers can add sincerity to your words.

If it all happened spontaneously, and the girl leaves you for some reason think, what were your meetings in the beginning of the relationship, and that disappeared. Perhaps favorite is not enough of romance, of courtship, of bright emotions. How long have you invited your girl, pleasing her with gifts, doing something crazy? Behave as in the first week of your relationship, surprise your partner, make it. Then your spouse will look at you with different eyes.

It happens that women talk about the breakup when you want to check your young person. Perhaps she feels that you no longer have feelings for her, I prefer to meet with friends or lying on the couch watching football. Try to speak frankly with the girl, tell her how you feel to her.

If you have a more fortunate rival, who takes your love, you have two choices. Of course, you can trample new gentleman your girl in the mud, proving that you are smarter, stronger, prettier and better in all respects. But it's in the animal world the female goes with the male, winning the fight. Not necessarily that girl and after that will choose you. But think about whether you need the one that tried to go to another.

If the girl really fell out of loveand do not intend to stay with you, you just have to accept it and let it go. You're a loving person and no matter what, I wish her well.